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When owner Robin Riggs was expecting her first child, she had a hard time finding accessories for the baby that were both stylish and affordable. She was sick of seeing baby blankets & bibs with traditional pastel colors and teddy bears.

So she decided to make her own using beautiful designer fabric, combined it with soft & snuggly minky fabric that the baby would love. For the record, I think minky fabric is the softest thing you can touch on the planet – a baby bunny’s belly would come a close second, but I still say minky is softer.

She named the company after her daughter, and the rest is history. Now Ella Jean has grown into a line of beautiful coordinating baby gifts: blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and soft blocks.

Here are just a few of the delectable items:

Kumari Blue Soft Blocks: You could design a whole nursery around these blocks, couldn’t you? I love the yummy colours and the non-facebonking softness of these.


Kumari Blue Blanket: You know what I love most about this – other than the wicked fabric and the baby bunny belly fabric – the size! This blanket is 35″ x 29″ which is a great size for wrapping up, going in the stroller, or using as a little playmat. Nothing drives me nuts than a baby blanket that’s too big (where’s the baby?!) or too small. This is the goldylocks size of baby blankets.


Pink Whale Burp Cloth Set: You’ll have a whale of a time being vomited on with these. Pun fun! (sorry). These are kick ass burp cloths though. They’re even lined with chenille.


Orange Allstar Bib: I love this colour combo. I love that it isn’t too boy or too girl. I also love that is longer and wider than typical bibs. Yep, I love this bib.


.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .


Lovely stuff, non? Well, you can win a $65 gift certificate to anything in the Ella Jean store. Woohoo!

All you have to do is check out the site and let me know what you’d use your gift certificate for in the comments below. I’ll pick a random winner next Tuesday (May 8th).

Be sure to also check Ella Jean out on Facebook, Twitter and the Ella Jean Blog.

Good luck!

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  • The Kumari Blue blanket would be my first pick…then I'd go for so many other things. Thanks for the heads up on this label. Fantastic.

  • If my baby is a girl (I find out next Wends.) I will be buying the Kumari Floral Blanket and everything that matches! The design is soo pretty.

  • Absolutely adorable! I would snag the blue whale and orange all-star bibs for my little man, and the blue whale soft blocks. I love her stuff!!!

  • I would use the gift certificate for the Kumari soft blocks – which would be a dream for our 4 month old daughter who is starting to understand cause and effect (mostly with her crying out for someone to pay attention to her lol) but it is generalizing to other things as well! :O)

  • I would get the pink whale blanket and burp cloths. I love the brightly beautiful colors:)

  • It can be hard to feel cute just after having a baby, but cute baby accessories certainly can help! You can never have too many burp clothes and bibs! Fuschia floral bib and floral burp clothes would be my choices!

  • Our sons room is done in an ocean theme so I would go with those adorable blue whale soft blocks… too cute!

  • I would love to get the pink whale blanket.. that looks absolutely adorable! You simply cannot find the awesome patterns anywhere else!

  • As I am expecting my third little one in 3 weeks I would love the Kumari blue blanket. I have been pretty practical and just washed and organised all of the stuff I had for my other two but i would just love to pack that beautiful blanket into my hospital bag!

  • I would definitely get the blanket. My baby boy is so funny about having the softest things. If he doesn't have his soft teddy for bed time or nursing then he will rub my chest or whatever skin he can feel (neck/hand) this would be an amazing gift for him that would give him his own thing to hood onto that I know will be softer than anything we have! He'd love it!

  • Oh my goodness! I wouldn't know where to start. I'd like to wait to see if bubs is a girl or boy first because I love the kumari floral blanket but it is way too girly for a boy…..maybe I can get it just for me????? Other than that I love the blue blanket and matching bib and burp cloths of course!

  • I'm obsessing over the yellow Kumari blanket and blue Kumari soft block set for our overdue lil one we are anxiously awaiting! I love how many of these prints can go either boy or girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  • We just found out we are having twin girls! Now we need two of everything!! I love the kumari floral and kumari yellow blankets and burp cloths! I love this blog and Ella Jean!!!

  • I LOVE the Kumari Blue blankets and soft blocks. I just want to grab them and rub them on my face. I know my little punk would love them!

  • I think I love the blue blanket the most. We have baby #1 on the way in a couple of months and we don't know if it's a boy or a girl but either way, this blanket would be perfect!

  • Is it ok to say absolutely everything and in two of each print? heck I just want to touch everything hoping maybe my little sprout could get a preview! I really love the whale print blanket and blocks.

  • I LOVE the blocks! I would definitely get those, or maybe a blanket. Oh gosh I would have so much fun deciding!

  • I would get some sort of Pink Whale set. Definitely the burp cloth and maybe a couple of different bibs.

  • I would spend the gift certificate on the Orange All Star Blanket – I love Orange for a nursery ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I absolutely love the Kumari floral blanket. It would be perfect for our daughter (due mid-June). I can only imagine how soft and cozy it would be ๐Ÿ™‚

  • These are great! We are expecting our 1st and our little man would love the Blue Whale soft blocks. The burp clothes are great as well! Thanks

  • I love the Kumari floral items – even though I knew I was having a girl, I mainly registered for gender neutral blankets and I'd love to have just one girly blanket to wrap her in!

  • I would spend all of it on the soft blocks because my cat has a foam chewing fetish (seriously, he's gone through a truckload of my foam-cored nail files) and would destroy the nice foam blocks that most toy stores sell.

  • My absolute favorite is the blue whale collection!! I'm pregnant with my first and want to be surprised about the sex of the baby, so I just LOVE how versatile your color palette is! It would definitely work for either a boy or a girl. The colors and designs are so modern and fresh. It's hard to find anything like this in stores!

  • Its hard to pick, but I love the blankets and the blocks the best!! I'm thinking my 5 month old would love the blocks!

  • I super dig the Kumari Yellow Blanket & the Kumari Soft Blue Blocks – I can sympathize with anyone who has a primary color induced seizure whilst trying to outfit the nursery!
    Also – why is it so difficult to find nearly ANYTHING for baby in black???

  • There are 7 of us at work who were pregnant or are pregnant (myself included). I would use the $65 to buy baby shower gifts for the other preggos–all these showers are adding up! And the fabrics that she uses are awesome–I am already sick of all the pink in my unborn baby's nursery!

  • Oooo… I'd get a Pink Whale Burp Cloth Set, and a Kumari Green Paisley Bib, and a Kumari Yellow Bib, and… Maybe a Pink Elephant Blanket am I over $65? I think I might be…

  • Bibs? Yes, please! It's so hard to find functionally sized bibs, much less ones that are this cute. And definitely one of those minkey blankets, although the color/style will have to wait until we know if we have a boy or girl.

  • I love everything!! but I would definitely get a matching set of the Kumari items. The pattern and fabric are so elegant. All would be so useful and pretty.

  • I LOVE the blocks!! Kumari Floral Soft Blocks – such gorgeous colours and I would love a sweet blanket to snuggle my baby girl in!

  • Fabulous colours and fabrics!!! I love the building blocks, they are unique and would add colour to our very gender neutral nursery.
    Thank you!

  • I'd never heard of Ella Jean before this post, and now I'm in love! I would absolutely purchase anything in the Kumari collection for this little one I'm carrying! I find out the gender at the end of the month, and now I'm hoping for a girl! The Kumari Floral items are amazing! Winner or not, I'll be purchasing a few items after the anatomy scan!

  • I would use my new Ella Jean gear to comfort and spoil my precious little miracle with these happy, cheerful colors and patterns!!

  • I would soo buy my sister(who is expecting a baby boy) the kumori blanket. I wouldn't stop there I would get her some of the adoeable bibs and burp clothes too!

  • Kumari blanket and probably a set of the soft blocks! LOVE. I'm 100% in the camp of sick of pastel and "themes." I just want cute prints, and these are exactly what I've been looking for!

  • I would love the Blue Whale Collection. Very cute stuff. I have had a hard time finding more modern prints for my little guy.

  • I would do the whale blanket, looks super cozy! Also the blocks, would be perfect for decoration in the nursery for a girl or boy and great once they're old enough to play with them!

  • I love love love the entire kumari blue collection. I am due with my first baby at the beginning of July. The nursery is a light sage green with white furniture and trim. Any of the kumari products would add the punch of color that I have been looking for! I am crossing my fingers for the $65…

  • I love the blanket & the soft blocks. That'd be hard to decide between…and I love the pink whale fabrics. So cute!!!!

  • I think I'd like to try out the burp cloth, bib and a blanket! Since we're unsure of what we're having, I would probably wait until after the little one comes to pick out the design. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow- gorgeous stuff. I could use anything in Kumari Blue or Yellow for my daughter's room. The blocks are especially awesome.

  • I'd spend it on any of the beautiful green blankets (my color scheme) and burp cloths! This stuff is amazing sounding.

  • Not to be a band wagoner but hands down Kumari floral blanket would be in purchase basket in a heartbeat…

  • The whale collection would go PERFECTLY with what will by my nautical themed nursery. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love the bibs and blankets especially.

  • So many things!! The Kumari Floral print would match my nursery perfectly so, i might need to get it all!

  • I love Ella Jean blankets-they are perfect for wrapping and I also used as a stroller blanket! Might have to buy the blocks too…SUPER CUTE!

  • I love the funky Kumari prints. They are all in fun bright colors. The whale bibs and blankets are adorable. The fabrics offered are unisex and great gifts for baby showers where either the sex of the baby is not known or for someone who was just blessed to find out they are expecting.

  • This is perfect! Ever since my husband and I found out we were expecting, he assumed boy. I tried to warn him, but when ultrasound day came and he couldn't find any dangles…he was shocked! Of course, he's excited (and scared), but let me tell you…we CRINGE in stores that look like a pink tulip factory exploded tu-tus and teacups all over the place! We have a pretty rustic nursery in the works, but finding feminine touches that don't look out of place are hard. The kumari floral print blocks or even pink elephant blanket would fit in nicely!

  • oh my gosh that stuff is so cute!

    I would HAVE to get some of the blocks. Probably the kumari floral print for my baby girl that's on the way ๐Ÿ˜€

    maybe a kumari floral blanket too. those look soooo soft!!!

  • I live the kumari floral line! Blanket and blocks, what a beautiful set. Baby Sophie agrees ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I really love the Blue Whale Blocks and the Blue Whale Blanket. My son is two but still loves a good soft blanket to take a nap with! And Soft Blocks would probably not hurt him if he tripped or Mommy to badly if she got booby trapped with them!

  • I would get the Kamari blanket in yellow or the pink damask blanket for our lil miss due in a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ they're gorgeous!

  • Awesome products! I would get the Kumari yellow blanket and the blue whale soft blocks for my two week old baby boy! Thank you for sharing!

  • Love all the patterns! I would pick the Kumari Blue Blanket,,, or the Soft Blocks. Heck, why not both?!?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would so easily go over the $65, so the certificate would help a lot.
    I'm looking at the pink vine and the elephant blankets, the pink Kumari soft blocks, and probably a bib or two… although I couldn't decide on a color.
    thanks for the contest!

  • I think I have just become obsessed with a baby blanket…the Kumari floral blanket! It looks so soft and it's the perfect colors! I'd also go for the matching burp cloths. My baby girls NEEDS these! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would go for that pink whale blanket. After having two boys, I am stoked for some feminine touches in this house!

  • LOVE the burp cloths and blankets! I'd probably have to add the blocks because they're just too awesome not to…

  • I would get the Kumari floral blocks and the pink whale blocks! So cute! I would probably also get a set of burp cloths and the sweet vine blanket. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'm in love with the entire whale collection….blocks, bib, blankets! It would be so hard to choose, but fortunately, $65 might let me pick more than one! Great giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The pink whale blocks and burp cloths are on our lists! We purchased the bib on Saturday and would love to win the gift certificate to buy some more super cute Ella Jean items.

  • I would use it for some floral burp cloths and bibs!!!! I just had my baby girl last week, we didn't find out the sex of the baby… So I am overloaded in yellows and greens…and man can this baby spit up!

  • What an awesome giveaway! I have a one month old little girl who I'm sure would LOVE a kumari yellow blanket and matching burp cloth set! (Mama would love it too) ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I love the Kumari Blue Soft Blocks! Love how it's multipurpose — decoration and soft toy for baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Beautiful stuff! Thanks for profiling her gorgeous wares; the block set is top of the list for my boy's room!

  • I absolutely love this stuff!!! I would hands down get the Kumari blue soft blocks and blanket for our little bean if I won this giveaway…and let's be honest I will probably buy them even if I don't win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hands down, I would get the blue whale soft blocks. My son is at the stage where he chucks everything across the room, and that be softer and more quiet than wooden blocks!! Plus, those fabrics used are super dorley.

  • I would use the $65 gift card to get the Kumari blue blanket, and the Kumari Blue soft blocks for my new baby boy (coming August!). I love that the colors and designs aren't just puppy dogs and trucks and sports. I want bright, happy colors and fun shapes and designs for my boy!

  • Just had a baby girl-so anything with a splash of pink or polka dots! She has two older brothers so is destined to be in blue for a while, I'd love to get her something of her own. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love the Kumari blue burp cloth set and blanket! The colors would be perfect, since we're planning a gender neutral nursery (not sure what we're having yet).

  • Blocks and bibs! Baby #2 is coming and I'd sure love to have some nice new things that are just for him!!

  • Love this stuff!! Its beautiful and love that its the minky fabric!! Not sure which one but id buy one of those blankets!!! And some bibs!

  • I'm all over the blue whale print. Love it! I would probably end up getting everything it's on! Esp. love the blocks!

  • I'd totally buy the blanket with the polka dots and the bibs…totally cute and since my lil' girl is only 5 weeks old, totally useful!

  • OMG, whether I win or not, the Kumari floral blanket WILL be a part of our first little girl's collection! Her nursery is full of the same gorgeous colors ๐Ÿ™‚

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