Mama’s Best Bamboo Nursing Bra Giveaway

If you breastfeed, a good nursing bra is essential. 

My first nursing bra was something I picked up in haste at Walmart because I didn’t really think it was important, and oh man, was I wrong. I gave me no support, I kept popping out of it when I bent over, and it was ugly.

So when the folks at Breast is Best suggested a giveaway, I was pretty gung ho.

I poked around the shop and found a lot of great finds. I loved this set of pjs that I would never get out of – they’re black, I don’t think it would be unreasonable to go to the store in them, dammit. This great nursing tank that doesn’t look like a crazy cult tarp. Plus, these washable nursing pads (I actually had these and they were magic).

The item that really caught my eye was the Mama’s Best Bra. It’s made of breathable Bamboo, cotton and lycra and can be worn day or night. It has a built in inner sling that provides support while the outer layer is down when nursing and it adjusts over 2 sizes to accommodate engorgement (or bowling ball boobs as I like to refer to them.) They come in four colours and five sizes and look like one of the most comfy bras ever. You ain’t popping out of this puppy.

Want to win one? Well two people will win their very own Mamma’s Best Bamboo Nursing Bra. Simply let me know what colour you would like in the comments below (I was going to add size but, hey, I don’t want to get all personal here) and I’ll choose a winner next Friday (June 1).

You can also find these guys on Facebook, so check ’em out.

Good luck!


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