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There is a lot to be said for children’s music that doesn’t make me want to drive into oncoming traffic, but there’s even more to be said for children’s music that I actually like.

Jen and Rob Slocumb, an Americana folk/pop duo, responsible for the critically acclaimed album, “Forget October”, have come out with an album of lullabies – “A Little Heart Like You” – and it reminds me of lying in a breezy, southern field (without the fear of being attacked by hill people).

The CD has many original songs, but also includes classics like, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, “Hush Little Baby” and, “You Are My Sunshine” – a song that never fails to make me cry. I love that damn, song and I would sing it to my kids when they were babies and end up blubbering which kind of defeats the purpose of a lullaby. Needless to say, these guys do it way better.

Even though I’m not a particularly religious person, I thoroughly enjoyed their versions of “Jesus Loves Me” and “Bedtime Prayer”. You can tell these guys are parents, because they cleverly omitted the part about “dying before you wake” so children can drift off to sleep to lovely spiritual lyrics instead of a night time omen. 

You need to listen to their music and help me put my finger on who they sound like. I’ve never been good at pinpointing musical likeness outside of saying, “they are awesome and make me want to lie on the couch wrapped in an snuggie”, so any help would be appreciated. Have a listen:

If you want to buy one of their CDs you can find it here, or on Amazon and iTunes, but if you want to win one of four CDs, then leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner next Saturday (June 2nd).

You can also find these guys on Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck and happy listening!


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