Happy Baby Daily Needs Giveaway

I love one-stop shopping. Not only because it saves me time, but also because I can see everything in one spot and know that high-quality (yet affordable) products have been cherry picked beforehand.

Vancouver based Happy Baby Daily Needs is that kind of store with brands like Aden + AnaisNoseFrida, Moby Wrap and Dwell Studio, just to name a few.

Seeing as summer is just around the corner (or in some places, already here) we figured we’d giveaway a kick-ass prize pack that reflects the sizzlin’ season.

Check it out:

thinkbaby Safe Suncreen SPF 50: We all know it’s important to slather that flawless, little kid skin with sunscreen, but it’s such a drag when most of it is full of crap. This sunscreen is free of biologically harmful chemicals, gives broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, Paraben Free and PABA Free, No Animal Testing, and is top rated on Environmental Working Group database Skin Deep of 1700 sunscreens. It does everything except write poetry about its vegan bicycle.


Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Swim Diaper & Training Pants: I kick myself for never buying these. WHY did I spend money on disposable swim diapers? Plus, these can double as training pants because they are lined with super soft organic cotton yet have a protective layer that keeps the horror show off your couch. They even come in a ton of colour so you can look fashionable at the pool without being responsible for a “fouling”.


Swaddle Designs – Red Bird with Red Trim Swaddling Blanket: Okay, so this may not be a summer item but Angry Birds is hot (yuk, yuk). This premium Cotton Flannel is the perfect size for swaddling, not to mention a sunshield, playmat, or privacy throw for breastfeeding. It even has swaddling instructions sewn on the edge of the blanket. You can’t have too many swaddling blanket and it doesn’t hurt that it’s covered with something kind of cool.


Great haul, eh? Do you wanna win it? Of course you do!

Simply leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner next Wednesday (June 6th – when the hell did June happen?!) and don’t forget to include your email so I can get in touch with you.

Be sure to also check these guys out on Facebook – they feature a lot of sweet deals and giveaways there as well.

Good luck!

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    • These are some awesome baby items. I am looking forward to being a grandmother and hope to put together a wonderful gift basket ~ These items would help tremendously! (So much has changed in 23 years since I last had a baby in the house!)

    • Possibly im too late for this….. Story of my life lately so I wouldn't be surprised but I figured it's worth a shot anyways!
      With a husband that works away and being pregnant with our first, I often need a good but honest read about what's coming, I often send him chunks of what you write, he replies "lol" most times but that's better than "haha" so I'll take it. At least my way of educating him on some things coming gets a laugh.
      Anyways I would love to win these items for our okanagon baby! Please don't stop blogging!

    • I would love to win! These are all great items, I especially like the swaddling instructions right on the blanket!

    • Oooh, I'd love to win this prize package! It would be a great early birthday present for me, but of course I'd share it with my daughter, Abigail!

    • My boyfriend and I are expecting our first baby and we love angry birds but honestly the thought of my mom asking me "what the hell is an angry bird" makes me giggle, even if I dont win i need to find this blanket, the diaper covers are pretty sweet idea, I will def get those down the road.

    • Living in Texas, we are constantly in the sun and the pool and these awesome picks would be perfect for the 105 degree days were expecting this summer!

    • I LOVE the swim diaper! Excited for summer to hit Rochester, NY…it takes longer here than most places. 🙂

    • Love all these products, we are expecting a new baby in dec and really want to use the Eco friendly diapers. These swim diapers are so cool! Who ever thought of this is brilliant! These are amazing!

    • I have a 4 year old, a 13 month old and am expecting in November! With all these little ones, I would love to win these 🙂

    • Batman is just over 3 months old, and those pants would be a great alternative to skinny dipping. He's getting shy.

    • For obvious reasons, any momma with a newborn baby wants to have a safe, gentle sunscreen for her little Nugget come summertime. Our family has lots of picnics, pool parties, and BBQs during the hot and sunny months, so this stuff is a must for us!

      A reusable swim diaper just makes sense! I know I want one! Who wants to keep buying disposables when you could just pick up one of these bad boys? Super cute, too!

      All of my Angry Birds fans (hubby, brother in law and his sons) would absolutely love to see my babe all snuggled up in their favorite Angry Birds character! This is just a really cool, "fanboy" swaddler. I want!

      Great, fun, summertime prize pack! Thank you for the chance to win it. =)

    • This is such a cool prize pack. I think my nephew would benefit greatly from this, my son is a little too big to swaddle anymore!!

    • Ooh! That sunscreen looks like just what I need, my little fair-skinned baby has been banished to the shade while everyone else is having fun in the sun all too often!

    • We already use ThinkBaby/ThinkSport, but it isn't cheap so winning more would be great! I also love the swim diaper. My husband and I were just talking about those last night, instead of buying the disposable swimmers.

    • I'd love a cloth swim diaper for my summer baby. And if she's anything like me, she'll burn quickly, so we'll need plenty of sunscreen. The angry birds blanket is just awesome.

    • that swim diaper looks like an awesome idea. hopefully my baby has my genes when it comes to tanning vs burning and not his fathers, little babies with sunburn is so sad!

    • I would love this- summer in Oklahoma means being slathered in strong sunblock, especially the wee bambinos, and it is a challenge to find a good one.

    • I need baby things like bad!!! Third baby, no shower. My youngest is almost 6 so I have no baby stuff. Pick me please 🙂

    • i could go without the blanket cause i got a whole truckload at my shower but you can never have too many! lol. the sunscreen and the swim diaper would come in handy living in the great hot state of texas!!!

    • I want to first start off by thanking baby Jesus for this blog. I was reading endless blogs from women who were scared to say the honest truth about everything, and I am thankful to read this from a real persons point of view. This is my first baby and I like getting to know what is in store for me! So thank you for your honesty and your funny twist to not so funny topics. 🙂 And of course i'd love to win this stuff, who wouldn't!?

    • Just discovered your site – YES!!!! I am a Canadian living in Costa Rica – came down a couple of years ago, met my fella and we had a baby boy here last September! I teach yoga and he teaches surf- I would love to rock these products beachside.

    • A friend of mine just sent me your link…informative and hilarious!! And I just had THE best laugh I've had in a long time going though the "Awkward Photos"!! Even woke my 6 week old while I cackling away…but was so TOTALLY worth it!! Although finding your site was already a big win in my book (just found my 1am, 3am and 5am entertainment!!), this prize pack would be a bonus!! 🙂

    • I would love the sunblock! Everyone in my family, including my new baby, has such fair skin that it's either sunblock or staying inside for the summer, which is no fun at all. I love the fact that it's not full of crap!

    • I'm totally digging the instructions on the blanket for swaddling (if you saw the swaddling job my husband does you'd understand the need for step-by-step directions!)

    • we live in houston where it has been in the mid 90's all week! luckily, our pool is shady 🙂 we haven't ventured in the water with our two month old yet, but this great little gift is a step in the right direction – and who doesn't need another adorable swaddler?

    • I have not heard about the swim/training pants. Definitely need the sunscreen! Love these great items you picked out!

    • Hey! I just started reading your blog after it being reccomended by a friend and I'm glad she did! Thanks for the"Ïs it safe"section, I just ate a hot dog (ok maybe I had more than one) and was having a little (big) freak out! Appreciate your writing and looking forward to reading more!!!

    • Just moved close to the beach, so we could definitely use the swim diaper and sunscreen! Our little redhead uses a ton of sunscreen.

    • Please choose me!! I'm pregnant with my first and I'm clueless about what products to use. It's so great to have everything pre-screened for me by the Happy Baby Daily Needs experts!!

    • What an awesome give-away! I must say I just love that blanket, it certainly caught my eye. Red is perfect for the boy or the girl in my belly! I'm not sure what we're having, but it will be a lovely surprise come August!

    • Pick me, pick me! My 4 month old son, Jack, will need lots of sunscreen and that swim diaper coming up real soon! Plus, since his father is addicted to angry birds, he'll love the blanket.

    • Just found this blog yesterday. It comes at perfect timing as I'm due on Saturday. I used to have the "pregnant glow" and now the only glow I have is of the color of urine running down my leg (the things people "forget" to tell you about being pregnant for the first time). I enjoyed reading through the old blogs today, now I must sign off so I can respond to all the "Are you still pregnant??" texts that I'm receiving on the iPhone I used to covet, however I may throw it in the toilet tonight. Cheers (with a glass of ice water of course because that's all I can drink).

    • I love the cloth swim diapers. They don't even make disposables small enough for my 4 month old, but she loves the pool. It's so relaxing for her she usually nods off in our arms.

    • Oh man! That Angry Birds blanket is to die for! My husband would flip if he saw our soon to be little boy swaddled in his favorite obsession:)

    • Just discovered your site and am loving looking through your posts. I'm pregnant with #2, and wish I had been on here for #1!

    • OMG those reusable swim pants are amazing! I didn't know such a thing existed I would LOVE to get my hands on them.

    • I fully plan on hauling my newborn out for some lake time. I'm already a heater in May and I live in Canada! I have to make it until July! Please pick us!

    • I'm a soon-to-be first-time mom and I found your site through a friend who sent me a link to your "Porn for Pregnant Ladies" post. My husband and I are both big fans of your blog!

    • I would love to win. I need the sunscreen, I lost a whole bottle.I'm using a little biddy trial size one. Good thing the kids are small!

    • My son just got a Angry Birds beach towel from his mimi… How cute would the swaddle blanket be to match for his beach time naps??

    • I would love the swim diaper. I try to make the disposables last as long as possible, but this would be so much better.

    • Love this giveaway!! I'm always on the lookout for more natural products so I'd love to try this sunscreen!! Thanks.

    • Oh…that would be such a great gift…so many friends are pregnant. Or…I could just use it for my little one!

    • The sunscreen is a godsend! I live north of the arctic circle and we already have 24 hours of sunlight…and will until some time in August!

    • In July my younger son will be 6 months old and I will finally be able to use sunscreen on his sensitive skin. I've been looking for a really great, natual brand. Now I found one! Thanks "Pregnant Chicken" lady! 🙂

    • Yay! Expecting baby #3 in July and I really need to get a move on my to do and gather before baby comes list!

    • This would be great for us since we live literally minutes from the beach on camp Pendleton military base the kids are always out in the sprinklers, or begging to go to the pool or beach. During the summer it seems like we live at one or the other. Having a new 10 week old the swim diaper and sunscreen is definitely a must!!

    • a great haul indeed… and from my home town!
      my baby girl loves water so this would be perfect for us!

    • Wow! I didn't even know those swim diapers existed. And with my 3rd little one coming, I'd love one of those instead of all the disposables!!

    • I'm due for my first little girl this summer and when I saw baby sunblock I may have actually started drooling….

      My husband is the most gingery of the gingers (and darn handsome I might add!) but it took 2 years of nagging (and we weren't even married yet!) for me to get him to take the sun seriously. Now that we're expecting our first little one, guess who was the first to ask about safe sunblocks for babies..?! He's been listening…:)

      And the swim/training diaper sounds like a multi-tool that should be in any mom's utility belt! Good find! and thanks for yet another awesome giveaway!

    • I have never seen Angry Birds baby gear before; I love it! I love too that it has instructions sewn onto the blanket. I'll be a first time mommy in about 4 weeks and I'll need all the instructions/help I can get! 🙂

    • I would love these items for my 3 week old son so I can get in the pool with him and my 7 year son during the summer.

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