Shabby Apple Giveaway

Shabby Apple is a boutique with vintage-inspired, modest, and adorable clothes and I honestly didn’t know what to feature because they have so much great stuff. 

I’ll just jump right in because I want to show you a bunch of things.


All Wrapped Up: I love this maternity dress. It’s tasteful and showcases the boobs nicely, plus, it’s long enough that you won’t get that updraft peekaboo that can happen on a windy day.



Better Than Sweets: This comes in grey as well but I thought this soft pink was so pretty.



Odyssey: The cut of this dress just looks so comfortable. I wonder if I could get this and just cut anything that says ‘maternity’ out of it?




Serenade: This isn’t a maternity dress but I bet it could work as one. Plus, how great would it post birth when you’re all doughy and you want to tarp the nonsense. Hard to say if you could pop a boob out if you needed to breastfeed but it looks like it may work.




Uma Turquoise Ring: Someone on the site rated gave this a lower rating because it has one of those elastic ring bands instead of a solid band, but I think that’s a plus because you can change what finger you wear it on a it can accommodate any swelling.




Chrysanthemum Earrings: Aren’t these pretty? I like to think I could pull these off but I have a feeling I’d look like an aunt that wears kitty-cat vests and drinks white wine spritzers for breakfast. Still, these would look so cool on the right person. You know who you are.




Lunch Date Scarf: I just like this. I think it looks all classy and Audrey Hepburn or something.




Botanical: Let’s forget about how cute this dress is for a second, how freaking awesome is this kid? She’s rockin’ this and she knows it.




Hibiscus:  Love the cut. Love the colours. Everything about it says ‘fun’ and ‘summer’.




Catastrophe Magnets: Lastly, I just had to feature these cat moustache magnets. You know why? Because they are magnets that have moustache clad cats on them. I would like 80,000 of these to completely cover my car then I’d slowly drive around with “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta” playing with the windows down.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Do these guys just have a plethora of pleasing plenty or what? Well you can win a $100 gift certificate. That’s right, I said $100.

All you have to do is go check out the Shabby Apple site then come back here and let me know what item(s) you’d spend you $100 on. I’ll pick a random winner next Monday (May14).

While you’re poking around there, be sure to check these guys out on Facebook and Twitter as well. They also have a wicked Pinterest board and blog.

AND, if you buy anything at Shabby Apple and use the code pregnantchicken10off at checkout, you’ll get 10% off. Not too shabby (yuk yuk).

Good luck!

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  • Wow. Way too many beautiful things on one site. I would gladly spend $100 on those dresses–Mariposa Grove dress, Blue Eyes Chiffon dress, Le Seine dress. Ooh-la-la!

  • So many great dresses I would have to get the Bon Voyage or the Azure Coast .. or maybe Beauty Mark… so hard to choose from so many great dresses!

  • I love love love the Serenade dress in coral, the rosedrop earrings and the starlet earrings if I had to make a list. Love this site, I totally bookmarked it and will be returning to it.

  • Definitely going to get in trouble shopping on this site. I love ALL the maternity dresses and the adorable sandals! Perfect for Florida panhandle summers! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Oh I love the serenade dress. It's wonderful. I'm preggo again and it looks like it would keep me cool in these awful Louisiana summers! And looks like it would be awesome after baby too! Mommy needs. P.s. I've missed you pregnant chicken. And my turtles are fine lol

  • Hello,

    Loving the Oh Baby. So simple, yet adorable.

    On a side note, did you see some of the poses of those preggo ladies? I wouldn't be able to get up from some of those positions 🙂

  • WOW! The cat moustache magnets would be first on my list…followed by everything in the Twin Palms collection. Yup, everything!

  • Thanks to my husband studying for exams (he's a year two medical student) I had plenty of time to kill in our "cozy" white walled dorm room today… which is a good thing because it took me forever to pick just one outfit. Every term we have a nice dinner at the University Club with fellow honor society members. By our next dinner I hope to be 5 or 6 months pregnant and the Desert Modern maxi dress would be perfect! To add some flair and a pop of color I would add the Tickle Me Yellow Headband. Did I mention that we are currently living on the tiny island of Grenada? There is absolutely no shopping here so I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do, at least, some fake shopping in a wonderful store. When the closest mall is thousands of miles away it is the small things that matter!

  • Since I'm a pregnant teacher I would get the Aphrodite dress so that I will look nice at the graduation. Then i would spend the $24 remaining dollars on a cute dress for my little girl arriving in August! Probably the hibiscus dress because it is one of my favorites!

  • Oh, any of the maxi's would be fabulous — great for strategically covering the 'preg puffs' that keep popping up everyday! Thank you!!

  • I would LOVE to get the Freshwater Pearl dress and really love the Tea and Cakes shoes!!! Oh, and I like SA on FB

  • The Green Envy dress looks like a dress from casual to office. Love to win this dress!! Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to All!!

  • What would I buy??? The TWO COMPANY dress and a pair of the Buebella earrings! Why do you desire these items, you may ask. Well, it's almost impossible to find funky, young, and cute outfits for pregnant woman! This dress is clean and fun, and I would be thrilled to add it to my maternity wardrobe (it need some help!). Thanks

  • As a Wisconsinite I'm genetically bred to search specifically for multi-purpose & sale items. Lame huh? Therefore, Martha's Vineyard dress looks quite enchanting (perhaps would double as a nursing outfit ehh)….but SIZE MEDIUM is the largest they have (and it runs a size smaller than listed) WTH? Oh to be blessed with corn-fed, dairy drinking genes. I think my second choice would be Mama Mia.

  • The Cleopatra dress and the Bluebella earrings are my favorites (so far). That dress looks beautiful and comfortable enough to wear to a baby shower and accidentally fall asleep on the couch.

  • I fell absolutely IN LOVE with that "Better Than Sweets" dress. I'd probably have to buy it in both colors, just because it looks so comfortable.

  • I love the Odyssey dress – such a great colour! Then I'd throw in any of their earrings, particularly the Tree of Life. Thanks!!

  • Totally going into something like The Look of Love dress, and maybe one of the Silent Era swim things… can't decide!

  • Ooooh, I WISH I could get the swiss dot maternity dress in black, but I fear it would be too small up top, as the reviewer said; so instead, the Sicily one next to it, or the Better than Sweets in pink as you showed above! Others are supercute but it's gonna be a hot summer…

  • Oh I love the serentity dress and the turqoise ring. I never spend money on clothes for myself, so I'd love to win =)

  • love the Sicily and also the better than sweet great for bump in warm weather- though if a girl may have to get some of the really cute clothes for her!

  • I love the Oh Baby dress! Sicily is a gorgeous dress as well. I would also love to have the pocket watch necklace! Such a fun website!

  • I'm Late! I'm Late! – Not only does this describe me perfectly but the dress is beautiful! Too bad I couldn't find any little boys stuff, maybe I missed it…

  • I had no idea that Shabby Apple did maternity clothes as well. I have bought a few dresses from them in the past and love them. If I won I would get Alice's Adventure or Aphrodite. They would be perfect to wear to my friends wedding in July.

  • There's a dress called Ipanema that I absolutely adore! It's a wrap dress , and I think I could totally rock it. Help me prove it!

    By the way, did you know s[ell check tries to correct "Ipanema" to "Emancipate"? Fun fact.

  • What choices!!

    I'd buy either the Neapolitan dress (maternity – in red!!) for $85 OR the Oh Baby dress (maternity – in black swiss dot material) for $85 as well. Along with that I'd buy either the cat manchu magnets (LOVE them!) for $17 or the Tree of Life earings ($18), and pay the extra few dollars to have these lovely last two items!

    On a totally non-maternity tangent – I'd really like their "Roamin Holiday", "Mad Hatter" and "Yosemite" lines – from these I'd get either the "Bellissima" which is yellow and fun (!) for $78, or the "Frabjous Day" dress for $86 or the "Sequoia" for $92 – black and yet with a bit of a flirty edge.

    And lastly, the "Scarlett Dragon" for $82 from the Silk Road collection is just utterly beautiful and the material sounds amazing to the touch – a definite pick as well!

  • I would get the Barefoot in the Park dress and the Sterling Silver Pearl Hoop Earrings. I especially like the dress because it looks comfy, but could be dressed up with the right accessories like the Sterling Silver Pearl Hoop Earrings. And I don't own any pearl earrings.

  • I would definitely pick the Cascata or Cielo swimsuit and then some pretty accessories! Love so many things!

  • If this baby is a girl, I really want to go to town on all of the little girl dresses. If not, I would go with a wrap maternity dress, so cute!

  • Love this!! The "Sicily" dress in the gorgeous red color and the long "Mama Mia" maternity dress are my favorites. I'll definitely have to check out their kid's clothes once the baby is a little older too!

  • Aw man, I am torn! There are so many beautiful things! I would have to say the things that are in the running are the Serenade dress, the Edna belt, the Bee Cave Wedges, and the Peach Cobbler dress for the mini-me.

  • The Going Steady Dress for me and I couldnt even begin to pick one of the adorable dresses for my daughter!!

  • OMG everything is so whimsical and awesome!!! I'd totally get anything from the Mad Hatter collection, especially the "I'm Late!" dress
    I also love the "light as a feather" necklace. GAHHH it's like a fantasy of gorgeous on this site. I can't stand it. I could list things I'd buy all day, but it's pretty much just that whole site.

  • WOW I would use the $100 to buy a few of the oh-so-adorable girls dresses for my daughter. The "Aviary", "Hibiscus" and the "Queen of Hearts" are on my list!

  • This website is like a hidden treasure!!! I am going to have to look here for some maternity dresses and other stuff for next summer 'post-baby' 🙂

    I would love to have the "Oh Baby" maternity dress. Classy enough to wear to work and casual enough to wear on weekend outings with the hubby. I love it!

  • What wouldn't I spend the $100 on? Seriously, I love it all! I think Serenade would be a definite possibility, or maybe the Pina Colada dress…super cute! It would certainly be a tough choice!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  • I don't know where to start…I want them all, but if I had to choose my favs they would be the Serenade in blue and the Champs Elysees for me and the Creamsicle for my baby girl.

  • Loving the earrings– Avery clear & Gold-filled champagne Swarovski. And i cannot live without the winding road scarf!!

  • Your description of what you would do with the mustached cat magnets made me laugh out loud!

    If I won this amazing giveaway, I would use the gift card to buy the gorgeous Pina Colada shirt dress. 🙂

  • I love the Wrapped Up dress. Beautiful! Then I'd have to pick the hibiscus dress for the little one….so cute!

  • OOOH! I want the Odyssey dress! I don't fit in any dresses anymore and I'm only 20 weeks! They are all so pretty!

  • I so wanted to like something on the Sidesaddle link, but I'm going with "With Honors" for $71 and "El Capitan" for $86. I love that retro design of El Capitan!

  • I'm also a big fan of the serenade dress. I also like the Ducks in a Row print for the nursery, and the turchino earrings! All gorgeous!

  • I absolutely LOVE this site!! My favorites are the Fruitful, Mama Mia, OH Baby, and Two's Company. The names are so cute! I also really like the After Class dress in the Carrot Top section 🙂

  • I've been looking for dresses to wear during this summer as I get bigger and I think the 'Oh Baby' dress is white would be perfect for summer maternity pictures and just being out and about in the hot desert. Then I would buy the catastrophe magnets. Cats with mustaches?!? Yes, please!

  • I would totally want the Black All Wrapped Up dress!! SO gorgeous!
    And probably most of their shoes lol – so cute!

  • I would pick the red Sicily dress. I never wear red but that is something I would wear! It is so pretty.

  • I love Shabby Apple 🙂 I have a wedding to go to in June and I've been frantically looking for a maternity dress that makes me feel 'not huge'…(us preggos need all the help we can, right?) Anyway, I would choose the Mama Mia dress, looks comfortable and flattering 🙂

  • I'd spend $100 on the Black Floral Neck Dress as a post-delivery treat. It'd inspire me to get working on working off the pregnancy weight

  • Might have to start shopping here–their website is awesome. I love the serenade maxi dress. I'd hope you could nurse in it.

  • Wow-gorgeous stuff! After just having a baby two weeks ago, I would pick the Serenade dress in blue-it is stunning and would hide all the wobbly bits and looks like it would work for breastfeeding-awesome!

  • I would get the cayanne dress or the serenade dress because they look like they would be easy to BF in.

  • I love love love the Green With Envy dress! And also the Cleopatra which I could stretch out to fit this giant belly for a while… then wear it after the baby too!

  • What a fantastic website! Thanks for introducing me to Shabby Apple! It's so hard to narrow down what I'd spend the money on… I think the Odyssey dress is delightful, the Bluebella earrings are also wonderful.

  • Oooooooohhh Awwwwwww, loving the 'Serenade' dress that, I agree, would double up as a great nursing frock and excentuate the girls while discretly hiding all the baby weight. But did you see it in the cobalt blue. Yummy. This is what I would purchase with a gift certificate if I was so lucky. Cute site, now you've got me shopping.

  • I would have to agree with you and go with the 80,000 cat magnets. These are awesome! Okay well maybe just some cat magnets and the "Spring Bloom" necklace. It's so sweet.

  • I would love to stock up on some accessories! Even after I have my baby next month (and attempt to lose 30 lbs) I can always use some snazzy new earings or a necklace to jazz up my in between outfits!

  • I'm at that point in my pregnancy where I can't imagine a time when I won't be pregnant anymore but I don't want to buy any more maternity stuff so I dove straight into their accessory section which is amazing! I would buy the pink jellyfish necklace and the tempesta ring – both are gorgeous!
    I love this site and will totally score one of the vintage bathing suits once this babe is born. Thanks again for the wicked awesome giveaway!

  • Oh boy! I am so glad you posted this site! I havent' bought anything new since i had my son in 2010. I have to invest in some new dress up clothing for work. I am going to check out this site tonight!

  • These dresses are GORGEOUS! I have always been kind of a borderline tomboy…nerdy and playing in the dirt. But something about pregnancy has really brought out a feminine side in me that I can't seem to get enough of. I almost never wear dresses, but I'm due with my first little girl in August and everyone is reminding me of how unbearably hot I'm going to be in a couple of months. I'm so excited! I can't wait to wear dresses and show off my bump with a giant sunhat! I agree that the SERENITY dress would definitely work as a maternity dress and that would definitely be my go-to…but I like it in the coral pink color (I'm totally going all the way!). And the Rosebud earrings would top it off for me. Now I've got to find an obnoxiously large sunhat……Thanks PC! I hope I can make this my shower outfit for July!

  • I would definitely pick out the Botanical floral print dress – that's near the same design as my nursery that i've picked out (google Carousel: Lime Mimosa). I would also like a nice, flowy dress, as I live in a very humid-and-miserable state in the summer time, right when I'm my largest and most uncomfortable (due 4 September).

  • I am sad that I actually have to pick a list because that might take forever to decide. But I can tell you that I would definitely put the Cascata swim suit on that list.

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