Wildwood Doll Giveaway

Nothing beats a cherished doll. It’s someone you can imagine with, play with and blame things on for many, many years.

Check out these fantastic handmade dolls from Wildwood Dolls. They are individually hand crafted from natural and organic materials and they can be customized to any skin tone, hair colour and eye colour which would have been really cool for a little lily-white red headed kid like me that was growing up in a time of Malibu Barbie.

Check out some of the stuff:

Teething Dolls: These sweet little dolls are made from 100% organic cotton jersey knit fabric that are completely safe to chew on. You can even wet the hands and feet and toss them in the freezer for some nice, cold teething relief. The body is left un-stuffed, so even the tiniest of hands can grip it with ease, and will soak up excess drool. No two are exactly alike.



Suzanne: Love the owl printed pinafore and orange shoes.




Riley: Argh, Riley be a kick ass pirate doll, Matey!




Pippin: This would have been the doll that would have most closely resembled me as a kid except it needs to be whiter, skinnier and less coordinated. 




Butterfly Dress: Look, she even makes clothes! I love this little dress.




Doll Pattern: If you’re lucky enough to know how to sew (or know someone that does) then you can even pick up one of her doll patterns. A sewing machine will speed up the process, but it is possible to sew the entire doll by hand unless you’re me then an old Italian seamstress needs to be included in the price. The illustrated book includes a full pattern, and detailed instructions.


But why sew it when you can win one right here?! Yep, that’s right, you can win your very own custom 13″ doll from Wildwood. All you have to do is go check out the site and tell me which doll is your favourite and how you’d customize your own in the comments here.

I’ll be selecting a random winner next Monday (June 18th) so keep your fingers crossed.

While you’re at it, check these guys out on Facebook too.

Good luck!

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  • Designing my own, I'd wanna be weird, and try and recreate something close to how my daughter looked when I brought her home.. head full of dark brown hair, murky blue eyes.. cute long sleeved dress onsie thing with a tutu skirt and a bow in her hair..

  • Definitely the Isabelle doll!! I would like to do a flower themed fairy, like petals for the dress and a butterfly in her hair <3

  • I love Riley the pirate and the little boy with orange hair and a leaf on his shirt in one of the custom listings! I really want one of these gorgeous dolls for my son — I firmly believe he needs a buddy to play with!

  • I love Riley the pirate!!
    As for a custom request, I would want one that looks like my little son River, with long honey colored curls, and blue-green eyes, and tiny freckled nose!

    I actually have several pieces of work by this artist, clothing and a doll, and her work is nothing short of amazing!! Exceptional attention to detail, and each piece is made to last generations.

  • I love Pippen, she's so cute!
    If I had a custom doll done I think I would have her done with a cute short haircut.
    All the dolls I see have long hair which is nice but I'm trying to teach my daughter that people are beautiful no matter what length hair they have. It would be a good opportunity to get that message across (or at least try to!)

  • I LOOOOVVVVEEEE Riley the Pirate! I'd change his eyes to be a little darker and maybe cocoa brown skin. So cute!!!

  • I can speak for the character and quality of Wild Wood Dolls, my daughters doll is not only her favorite, but a household favorite, and even to many little visitors! and to you Mem, thank you for introducing me to a fantastic blog! Be well friends!
    Jada at
    Humblebee Family-Farm

  • I love these dolls! The one thing my son really needs! And how awesome is it that they can be custom made. Gotta have one…

  • i tried to enter this morning, but still haven't seen my comment come through. So i apologize it it's a duplicate! My favorite is Anna of the Rainbow, and i would probably get one customized very similar to her. Thanks for the chance!

  • I love these dolls and I'm was not a doll girl when I was little. What a great heirloom art doll for a collector or a lovable friend for a child. The pirate doll just needs a pair of Wellies and a tutu and it would look like the character I drew for my Bella's story book, about pirate princesses and dragons. I wish everyone luck and hope all of our doll dreams come true <3

  • Hey all, Memory here of Wildwood Dolls. I just want to say, I absolutely *love* reading all of your comments. I feel like such a rockstar having one of my dolls offered up on this fantastic blog. I do want to clarify something though, because reading thru some of the comments, there seems to be some confusion. The winner won't be making changes to a doll in the shop, I'll be starting from scratch with you so you can design your own doll-infinitely more possibilities! To see exactly what that entails, check out the details here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/83033999/custom-13-waldorf-doll Thanks again everyone, I wish you all could win!

  • I love the Priate doll and know that our grandson who is 2 1/2 would just love him. I would keep him just the way he is because that is the way Aiden loves to look at him in the picture..

  • These dolls are incredible! It would be a hard decision for me between the pirate doll and Pippin. I'd have to go with Pippin the strawberry girl because my sweet girl is a redhead too, just like her mama. Every cabbage patch doll I owned as a girl was redheaded:)

  • I absolutely LOVE the pirate doll and have actually had my eye on him for some time now.. My 2 1/2 year old son would go bonkers for it! And I like him just the way he is in the above photo!

  • I like Isabelle, and i would make her blonde (curly if you can do that) and blue eyes to match our 3 year old daughter. she would LOVE this "princess"

  • Definitely Pippin, the strawberry doll. Strawberry is my daughter's nickname. I'd give her blonde hair and blue eyes to match my little strawberry.

  • I like Pippin. She's Adorable. However, so are the other dolls. :o) I think if we got to pick our own, my daughter would choose one with pink hair or blue hair. I love the clothes, though. Regardless, she'd love the doll !!! :o)
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Love the mermaid, forest sprite, and pirate! I don't think I would change a single thing about them, they're adorbs! 🙂

  • I love Isabelle, I would love to have her just as she is. I actually have one of the teething dolls and my daughter loves her. She'll be turning one in two weeks and I have considered one of these dolls for her. It would be awesome to win one. Hooray for Wildwood Dolls. Oh yeah, I have one of the 18" dolls for my older daughter. The attention to detail is amazing. Whoever wins this will be so happy with these amazing creations.

  • I love Isabelle the forest sprite for my daughter with no change needed. Thanks for this fabulous opportunity!

  • I love love the teething dolls. Such a great idea. We are due in January with our fiirst baby. I would love to win. Thank you

  • I love Tonks! She would be perfect for my daughter. I have been looking for a Mermaid doll since she was born. She LOVES the water. If I could change anything about Tonks, I'd make her hair brown, and her eyes a little darker blue. And if I could, I'd change the tail to a Deep Purple, or a Deep Blue. 🙂

  • I love all of the Wildwood Dolls. I think my current favorites are the pirate doll and the forest sprite (love the skirt!) Customizing a doll wouldn't be an easy thing to do, what with all the choices and all. I'm thinking something along the lines of a tie dye-nature-faerie with awesome purple, forest green, and pink hair!

  • Pippin is super cute!! My baby girl is 7 weeks old but she follows two older brothers, so we have no cute dolls in our house…yet;)

  • I love thr teething dolls, they are a great idea. I also love the pirate doll she is super cute, all she needs is a little parrots on her shoulder.

  • I just LOVE the Suzanne doll. After having a girl with two older brothers something soft and sweet would be a welcome addition in my house!

  • I also love Penelope! I would personalize her hair to yellow (blond) and keep her green eyes. The outfit is too cute! Is it possible to use organic materials, or can she be washed?

  • I love Penelope! I think I would get hot pink streaks in her hair and brown eyes. I love her outfit too but I think I would nix the pants and the top into a dress!

  • I like Celia Rose.
    she's got a nice hair color.
    but I think I'd like her more with blue eyes and in Suzanne's owm outfit or the butterfly dress.

    thanks for another great giveaway and continuous great blog!

  • I haven't done this before so I'm a little shy about it. 🙂
    But I LOVE the little pirate doll. It's SO cute. And if I could have one customized, I would love to have a Disney Princess like Snow White or something since I'm in love with Disney.

    And your blog is awesome to read. I'm preggo with my 4th bean sprout and it's nice to read something to calm the nerves. 😉

    Have a kick ass day.

  • I love the Pippin Strawberry Doll. She is adorable. I don't think I would change anything, my daughter would love her just like she is.

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