Mermaid Maternity Swimwear Giveaway

Summer is here and with it usually comes the opportunity to go swimming. If you’re anything like me, dawning a bathing suit in public is a nauseating proposition at the best of times, but it was downright scary when I was pregnant.

I never did invest in a maternity bathing suit, it just seemed so frivolous. I actually wore my one piece when I was around 30 weeks pregnant and thought the jaws of life were going to have to be used to get me out of it. So I just didn’t swim again. It was a shame because I loved swimming when I was pregnant. I felt so cool, so light, so buoyant.

So when Nicole from Mermaid Maternity approached me to do a giveaway, I was all, “hell ya”.

I think the thing that got me was when she wrote, “My goal is to give women more options in what they can wear to the beach or pool so they will feel comfortable and confident. Our swimwear separates include swim shorts, board shorts, swim skirts, swim ‘skorts’, rash guards, and tankinis. We don’t just mimic what all the other maternity swimwear brands are doing. We really think about what real pregnant women need and want (rather than what will look hot on a size 2 model w/ a fake belly).”


Here are just a few of the great things they carry:


Maternity Rash Guard Swim Shirt: Great for extra coverage or sun protection. The drawstring allows you to create a custom fit that grows with your belly, and also ensures that your top won’t float up in the water because that’s such a *charming* look. It is designed to be worn over a bikini top, sports bra, or regular bra – a great solution for women who prefer the fit and support of their own bra or bikini top. Brilliant.




Maternity Hipster Swim Brief: These have a low cut waist to sit comfortably below your belly, and a lower cut leg and a full coverage back so you don’t have to worry about it creeping up. It’s a nice hybrid of something that comfortably covers your ass but doesn’t look like an old lady girdle.



Tie Back Maternity Tankini: This top can be worn 3 different ways: Halter style, Criss Cross Back, or Straight Back. Again, the drawstring hem to prevent shirt floating. The soft cup bra and adjustable ties provide support. I especially love the slight cleavage cover so you get the look of the halter without the giant-boob show at the family beach outing.




Fold Over Panel Maternity Board Shorts: These bad boys are generously cut through the seat and hips with a stretchy spandex fold over panel that can be worn up for maximum belly coverage, or folded down to sit under the belly. They also feature an attached panty, a longer inseam, and white contrast stitching. I think I just love these so much because you can look like you’re wearing shorts and a tee, yet you can go in the water.



Wrap Around Bandeau Maternity Tankini Top: I think it would be really hard to look like a floating pig in this one. How pretty is this?! This top features 2 long ties that wrap around the bust and tie at the waist yet still provides maximum boob coverage. It has a soft cup shelf bra and adjustable straps to provide support and the straps can be worn straight or crossed. It says it can also be worn post-partum – I would consider me post-partum even though my youngest son is turning four this month. Winner I say.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I really wish I had invested in a maternity swimsuit. I loved swimming when I was pregnant, even if it was just to feel weightless for a while (I always felt like Shamu trying get out of the water but that’s beside the point). Plus, I could have worn it for both of my pregnancies AND it would have come in handy after I had both kids. 

Alas, that ship has sailed but YOU, my darling, can win a $100 gift certificate to spend at Mermaid Maternity! Toot! Toot! 

All you have to do is visit the site, then come back here and tell me what you’d spend your gift certificate on. I’ll pick a random winner next Wednesday (June 20th).

While you’re at it, check these guys out on Facebook too. They have great contests and discount codes listed, and you can see the rave reviews from other women.

Good luck!

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  • Just found this site whilst googling for maternity board shorts as I like to keep my thighs covered up as much as possible, so I would definitely go for the board shorts ( and then team those up with the raspberry halter top ( because I LOVE the colour!

  • Wow, these look great! I have to agree with you on the wraparound bandeau, although I'm super tempted by that sunset colored halter too. All of the swim skirts and shorts look really comfy, not to mention able to cover those thighs! I love that all of these would still be usable postpartum.

  • Wow, great choices…I would go with the polka dot tankini and the fold over swim skirt. Swimming is a wonderful activity for me right now in my last few months of pregnancy!

  • I love the Wrap Around Bandeau Maternity Tankini Top – Tropical
    and Fold Over Panel Maternity Swim Skirt With Attached Brief – Black

    I love the name of the company, I am currently pregnant and I live in Texas where swimming in the summer is a must so this would be great!

  • This is a great giveaway because I recently outgrew my board shorts and top, I am due in Sept. and live in a climate where we are already 100 degrees and it basically keeps getting hotter until about September. I know, really good planning on my part, huh?:) Anyway, I'd spend my gift-card on the Fold over panel Maternity Nylon board shorts and and the tie back tankini top in fuchsia! There is no way I would feel like a floating pig in that!

  • I would totally buy the foldover panel swim skirt! I HATE maternity clothes that are the underbelly style (they feel weird, and the way my stomach is shaped means they tend to fold over on themselves anyway). So this would let me go over the stomach, which is what I prefer in all my other maternity clothes.

  • I would get the V Maternity Tankini Top in Lilac with the Black fold over panel nylon board shorts. I think they would be a good pregnancy and post pregnancy purchase. (especially cause I want to do mommy and baby swimming classes)

  • OMG these are too cute for words! I didn't even know you could get maternity swimwear – brilliant! I love how the styles can grow with your belly and I would for sure use it after my little girl is born in October too. I love the vintage styling of the ruffle bandeau tankini so I would definitely get that, and the black swim skort or board shorts to match :o)

  • I would definitely get the Fold Over Panel Nylon Boardshorts in black and a black tie back maternity tankini in black.

  • I would definitely get the Wrap Around Bandeau Maternity Tankini Top – Lilac and the Fold Over Panel Maternity Swim Skirt With Attached Boy Short – Black, looks so cute together!

  • I would buy the fuschia wrap around maternity tankini! I am due in October and predict being a swarthy mess! I adored my preggo bathing suit more than I ever have a regular suit pre pregnancy! However due to rice krispie treats and an ever growing fetus and uterus that lil number is in the skinny part of pregnancy pile that I may never see again!

  • I would go with the Wrap Around Bandeau Maternity Tankini in purple or blue, and probably a pair of board shorts.

  • I would really like Wrap Around Bandeau Maternity Tankini Top – Fuchsia. But all of the Wrap Arounds are super cute.

  • I'd get the Halter V Insert Tankini top in either fuschia or lilac – love the colors! And pair it with the low panel swim skirt. Very cute and flattering to boot!

  • I would get the Fold over Panel Maternity swim brief in black and the tie back maternity tankini top in fuschia. My belly is already so big and i'm not due until September! I would love a nice maternity swimsuit =)

  • I like the wrap around…but realistically it wouldn't look as good on me as in the picture. So….I would go with the tie back and swim skirt or skort.

  • Love the wrap around bandeau top, very pretty! Thanks for sharing site, so sick of the suit I have now floating up in the water.

  • I would love to get any of the Maternity Tankini Tops and are pair of the Lower Panel Maternity Swim Shorts With Attached Brief. Really though, anything that doesn't make me feel like Shamu!

  • It's about time for expectant mothers to get a chance to wear NICE swimwear! I would choose the Wrap Around Bandeau Maternity Tankini Top Fuchsia and Maternity Hipster
    Swim Brief Black for my wonderful daughter!

  • I would buy the tieback tankini top in sunset for my lovely sister, who is dying to get one of these – she's so excited that someone has finally thought up such a wonderful design!

  • I am a first time mommy to be and have been dreading swim season. Those maternity hipster swim briefs look AMAZING! And how adorable is that arabian blue tie back top? I would feel much better poolside with those 🙂

  • I love hoe nice the V tankini looks on the beautiful model. If my boobs weren't larger than my head this may actually look good on me. I checked the sizing and it's all like "if you were x size per pregnancy then you'll be x size in these beautiful swimsuits!" LIARS! I would be an xl just in boobs! And was a 6-8 per preggers. Omg. I just realized that I may actually still increase in size. Fml

    On a positive note, these will probably look super cute on everyone else. Yay summer pregnancies!

  • I really like the V neck Tie Back Maternity Tank in Arabian Blue, along with the Hipster swim brief. Really cute stuff!

  • Ruffle Bandeau Tankini Top – Black With White Polka Dot & Maternity Hipster Swim Brief – Black. Black is slimming, right?

  • I love the lavender bandeau top! Though, the turquoise is pretty too… And to go with it, the black hipster briefs. What an adorable combo!

  • I would spend my $100 on the Halter V Insert Maternity Tankini and the Fold Over Panel Swim Brief. I love that they don't look like a mu mu and are fitted. I think I'd still feel like I looked cute in this rather than looking like I was trying to find as much material as I could to cover my growing bump!!

  • I'd get the wrap around bandeau maternity top in the teal color and a pair of black maternity bottoms. It would be perfect for boating this summer without looking like a boat myself!

  • OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wrap Around Bandeau in Fushia! And the skirt to hide my newly dimple-y thighs! Pick me! Pick me!!! 😀

  • I really want one! It is so hot and my prepregnancy swimming suit is getting stretched out! I love the ruffle bandeau tankini top and the swim skirt. So cute!

  • I would definitely get the lilac wrap around bandeau to replace the way too small tankini top I have. Never listen to them when they tell you to get the same size you were before you were pregnant. They lie! I would also love a pair of those board shorts to wear just about every where. I'm due in August and plan to live in my in-laws pool for all of July :p

  • I would buy the Tieback Tankini top in Sunset with the Board Shorts w/white Flatlock stitching. Im due with our baby boy any day now, but im sure i coud use this after. In the mean time i'll continue to squeeze myself into my tradtional tankini and scare the crap out of my neighbors. The stuff on here is so awesome!

  • For me the V insert maternity tankini top paired with the maternity hipster. After several months of physical therapy during my first pregnancy I started swimming – and the back pain was immediately gone. Wish I had this great swimsuit then… However it'll definitely come in handy for this next pregnancy!

  • The wrap around top would be the winner for me. Right now I am attempting (unsuccessfully I must add) to squeeze into my pre-prego bathing suit and it's just not working anymore! Plus, since my daughter is due in a few weeks it would be perfect to hide my probably-won't-be-so-bikini-worthy stomach for the rest of the summer!

  • I happened to find this sight last week and i had decided before vacation i needed to have the tankini and the skirt just like in the pic above. This was easy…picking a plus size maternity formalish dress for my little sisters wedding was not as much fun!

  • Such cute stuff! But I'd def get the ruffle bandeau tankini top and a pair of board shorts and fold over panel board shorts to match!

  • I would most certainly get the Wrap Around Bandeau Maternity Tankini Top in blue with a skirt. Ceeeeeute! Pregnancy has made me crave being in water in a way that I haven't since I was a kid. I'm pushing 5 months and the old stuff isn't cutting it anymore. This Colorado heat is wearing me out! Get me in a river!!

  • Love loooove these suits! I would love to buy the fuschia wrap around bandeau maternity tankini top and the maternity hipster swim briefs. I think I could possibly feel pretty in this and less like a whale 🙂

  • I love the rash guard long-sleeve top – so practical! And the bandeu tankini top is gorgeous! I'd probably get both 'cause I can't decide! 🙂

  • I would pick the Fold Over Panel Maternity Swim Skirt With Attached Brief – Black and Wrap Around Bandeau Maternity Tankini Top – Lilac. It would be so nice to have a maternity swimsuit. I'm pregnant with baby #5 and due in December. And the pool in the backyard is calling my name, but my current swimsuit is laughing at me.

  • I desperately need a maternity suit. I would buy the tie back maternity tankini in Arabian blue and the maternity skirt.

  • Wow, everything looks so cute and comfy!! I suppose if I had to choose though, I'd go with the ruffle bandeau tankini top and the fold over panel swim briefs 🙂

  • I'd buy a tie back mat tankini top and one of the board shorts. I'm sure they will give me the boost I need to get my pregnant 33week boody into the water!

  • I would buy the fold over panel black board shorts and the lilac wrap around bandeau maternity tankini top! 🙂 I'd be one hot mama, good thing cuz baby is due in august so at least i could get some swimming in! 🙂

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