DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter Giveaway

Up to 80% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. They essentially happen when your skin can’t keep up with your rapid belly growth, so the dermis tears causing a discoloured scar that may or may not fade.

You are more prone to them if you already have them (on your breasts, thighs, etc.) or if your mother has them (thanks genes), if you have a darker skin tone, or the younger you are – I guess your youthful skin isn’t quite used to the drag of life.

The good news is quite a few studies have shown that using oils or creams can reduce the development of stretch marks so I’m really jazzed about this giveaway.

DreamBelly was designed specifically for the dermatological demands of pregnancy, and helps prevent stretch marks by keeping skin supple and elastic, plus, it helps strengthen and hydrate dry surface skin. Nothing is worse than that horrible, dry, belly-itch.

The other nice thing about this cream is that it isn’t full of crap. Its ingredients include, aloe vera gel, a select blend of natural butters and moisturizing oils, grapeseed extract, as well as rosehip seed oil & antioxidant-rich Vitamin E.

Can I get a hippy high kick here?

It’s also getting rave reviews for having a nice, fresh scent and not being greasy – qualities I think we appreciate in everything from men to quesadillas.

So are you as excited as I am now about keeping that belly beautiful and buff? Well, you better be because 25 of you, YES 25, are going to win your very own DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter! I know!

Simply enter a comment below and I will randomly choose 25 winners next Monday (July 2nd). You have to live in Canada or the U.S. to enter this one. 

It’s also worth checking out Fairhaven Health for their other really interesting products. The whole site is dedicated to fertility, pregnancy and nursing products that are doctor-designed and natural. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck!

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