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When I posted what you should pack in your hospital bag post, I asked you guys to let me know if I forgot anything and a few of you had the brilliant idea of having a present for the baby’s older sibling. So smart.

So when I was shown these I See Me! books, I thought they would be perfect for any kid that becoming a big sister or brother.

The Super, Incredible Big Sister and The Super, Incredible Big Brother books are personalized with the older sibling’s name and the name of the new baby. The book reassures big sister/brother that they are loved and appreciated and it even comes with a coordinating Super Incredible Award Medal for being a “super star” with the new baby.

Written by award-winning children’s author Jennifer Dewing and Illustrated by award-winning artist Jill McDonald, this 20 page hardcover book is sure to be a hit with any kid and make them feel special and valued at at time when this tiny person is coming into their world.

Such a smart idea and I wish I had known about them when I was having my second baby.

Luckily, you are in the know and you could win one of two books!

Just let me know in the comments if you’d get a Big Brother or Big Sister book and who it’s for and I’ll draw two random winners next Thursday (July 19th).

They also have wicked personalized placemats, puzzles and books that are worth checking out, along with a pretty sweet collection of Pinterest boards.

Good luck!

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  • I am probably too late, but one of my best friends just found out she is pregnant with #2 and her daughter is so excited! She will be almost 3 when the baby is born and this Big Sister book would be perfect for her!

  • I would definately buy two books for my nephews. My Sister in law has twin 10 month olds and is expecting another in February. I can only imagine how interesting it will be to have a newborn and two babies under a year in a half. Ryan and Nolan (the twins) are going to be amazing brothers.

  • What a special and creative way to show the importance of a big brother! Both of my sons love personalized toys and songs. I especially think this would be a hit with my oldest son, Peter. He will be welcoming a new baby sister at the end of August. He is already so excited. I think that this book would help him with the transition of a third child in the house. Another warm little body that mommy has to share her attention with. 🙂

  • A Big Sister book would really help the transition for my daughter Mary when she becomes a big sister in late September/early October!

  • I would get this book for my son AND my nephew who are both going to be big brother's soon and can share in this journey!!

  • I need a big brother one for my stepsons! They need to get a lot of attention so they don't think daddy's new baby is going to get all the attention. They are important in this family, too!

  • My daughter, Hayleigh will be a big sister this coming November to a baby brother- that was our April Fool's surprise! After going through fertility treatments for years, to get Hayleigh, our newest addition to be- April Fool's miracle surprise!

  • I would love the big sister book as I am due in March and would love to have a gift already for my big girl Lydia. 🙂 Thanks and cute blog.

  • A big sister book for a lovely little girl named India whose going to be the best big sister there is. Thanks for posting such a neat idea!

  • I would like a Big Sister book for Claire, my sweet friend's daughter, who is expecting a little brother or sister in Jan.

  • This would be a great gift for my youngest son who is so excited to be a big brother…or "brudder" as he says! It will also ease some of the tension if this baby turns out to be a girl! He wakes each morning saying "I hope there is a boy in your tummy" love your blog, love this gift idea!

  • I would get a big brother book! I am expecting my fourth, but my littlest is excited for a new sibling, and this would knock his socks off! Thanks!

  • Big Brother Christian will be 2 1/2 when baby sister is born…although he still thinks I have a ball in my belly not a baby.

  • I would love to get a Big Brother book for my son, Brian. He will be 5-1/2 by the time his little sister comes (due Sept 12) and I want to make him feel very special and important when the baby arrives because after so long of being an only child I do worry he will feel very left out and not loved anymore. I plan to make him a little "big brother birth kit" where I fill a smallish backpack with a few toys or games for him, a couple of sweets, and maybe some bibs and bottles with diapers and wipes so he feels he can get his stuff out and help Mommy with little sister. This would be a perfect addition to that kit!

  • That is so cute! How is it I am just now finding out about this awesome pregnancy blog? Much more interesting than babycenter 😉

    I will be ordering two of these if we don't win 'em, one for big sister Zoe and another for Kristian – very nice keepsakes!

  • My daughter Gwen will be a Big Sister in September. She loves books, so will love one about how awesome a sister she will be.

  • My daughter has one of the "Who Loves Ellie" books by the same company, and I have given the I See Me! books as gifts before. They are wonderful!

    Ellie is going to be a big sister and would adore this book!!

  • For my little girl Madeline who will be a big sister early August and may even be sharing her birthday with the new sibling!

  • I would get the Big Sister book for my big girl Reagan who will have a baby brother august 7 after 6 1/2 years of being an only child. She is super excited!!!!

  • Wow, I have three kids, but I would probably do a big sister book for my daughter Rachel since we are expecting another girl. Though my youngest son, Hunter might need one too, since he will have a hard time not being the baby anymore!

  • Id like a BIG SISTER Book for my Daughter Frankie. She will become the best big sister there is when we have our new little one in November;)

  • My son will be a big brother in Feb 2013. We're pretty excited, but I don't think he really knows whats happening yet.

  • My 17mo. old son joined us today in viewing his little brother/sister on the monitor for the first time. Of course he has no idea what that means, but he is an amazing kid and will be a great big brother!

  • big sister for my daughter, Adelaide Iris!

    Just stumbled upon your site – wish I would've when I was pregnant the first time around! You are hilarious!

  • My 3yo son, Logan, is so excited about being a big brother in 8 short weeks! He would love to get a special book all about his new role!

  • Big sister book!! My stepdaughter wished for a baby sister last december while blowing out her birthday candles & she will be getting a baby brother about 2 weeks before her next birthday this december and she is ecstatic! I have looked all over for big sister books, to no avail, but I am so glad I found this on your page!! I love your blog & always recommend it to my prego friends:)

  • I could really use the Big Brother book for Gavin. He will be a big brother to baby Gregeory in 24 days and since this has been a very rough pregnancy, I have yet to get him any books about becoming a sibling.

  • Our daughter, Isabelle, is 2yrs old and became a big sister to our newborn, Tahlia, on June 29th. So far things are going ok……I think. Isa would LOVE this book!

  • If I won I would get a big sister book for my daughter. She just became a big sister 2 weeks ago and has been so good! She deserves something so special! Thanks!

  • A big sister book for my daughter, Abby, would be so helpful easing the pressure when when bring her little brother home.

    She would love it. We would love it. It might keep her from trying to light the baby on fire, too.

    Thanks Pregnant Chicken!

  • If I won I'd want the big sister one and then would buy the big brother one too because my son and daughter are going to have a new brother or sister in October 🙂

  • I was just thinking about what to get my daughter for her "Big Sister" gift. She just picked out a couple of gifts for her soon to be brother who is coming next month. If I don't win, I will have to order one for Big Sister Madelyn and her little baby brother Jack!

  • I would love a big sister book for our daughter Cordy. She is super concerned and helpful and cannot wait for her younger sibling to arrive!

  • Ooh, such a great idea! I'd get a Big Brother book for my son Ewan who will be a big brother to a surprise gender baby in October. 🙂

  • My son Kael is going to be a BIG BROTHER come January 2013! I would love to be able to give him one of these books on the big day of the new arrival of our family 🙂

  • It's for a big brother and it will be for,
    My beautiful baby sister who's having baby number two!
    And she is super worried how Cleveland will
    Cope as he's only 2 🙂

  • Big Brother Brennen would LOVE one of these books!
    I got him a personalized book for Christmas and he LOVES it. This would be such an awesome gift for any big brother or big sister. What a great idea!

  • I would get a BIG SISTER book for my daughter, Payton, because she is going to be the best big sister to a baby girl this December! She is very excited! Love your blog! 🙂

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