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Most pregnancy books like to scare the crap out of you, so it’s refreshing to find a book like How to Rock Your Baby by Erin Bried (a senior staff writer at SELF magazine and the author of How to Sew a Button and How to Build a Fire.)

It’s a collection of about 100 essential tips for new moms and soon-to-be new moms, culled from her interviews with ten moms of ten extraordinary kids, including  Rachel Maddow, Jonathan Safran Foer, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and others. The tips include everything from how to cope with the pain of delivery, to how to change a diaper, to how to deal with pushy in-laws, to how to preserve memories with sweet little projects like The Bunny Project.

I think the thing I love most is that it’s all broken down into easy-read bites and bullet points, so you’re not bogged down in chapter after chapter of fluf. It also has a great perspective to it and I think that comes from talking to different generations of mothers – I found their wisdom and calmness is very reassuring.

I really think you’d enjoy it.

And guess what?! Four of you are going to win your very own copy of How to Rock Your Baby! Nice, eh?

Just leave a comment below and I’ll pick four random winners next Monday (July 16th).

Also be sure to follow Erin on Facebook (I want that 7 tomato-can footstool) and Twitter (she tweeted the same pie chart I put on Facebook – great minds I tell ya.)

Good luck, Peeps!

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  • Have you given away the book yet? It looks like a great read, and a great way to calm down control freaks like me who have no idea what they are doing 🙂

  • I would love to win this book. I am a first time mom and my mom isn't with me where I can just ask her questions. I am pretty much navigating this on my own and with my boyfriend. Would be nice to have a compilation of information in a book instead of hitting the computer googling every thing. 🙂

  • Just stumbled on to this page, and am having a blast reading the posts! Just finally entered the second trimester, and happy to start telling people!

  • Would love to have the chance to win this book! I recently discovered your blog, and am really enjoying going through all of the posts as I'm just beginning my first pregnancy!

  • I would love to win this book! We are expecting our first in December, and I'm always looking for good books to read.

  • I would love the advice in the book. Like everything– every stage seems so hard when you are going through it and so easy when you look back on it. Oh what we would tell ourselves about right now in twenty years…Probably just to love every second–even the teething part.

  • I'm due in 7 weeks (or less!) and I am getting down to the nitty gritty with my reading! This book would be an amazing…fingers crossed!

  • Would love to add this to my "new & hip" baby book collection… it's nice to have newer recommendations for today's pregnant woman or new mom.

  • My favorite thing about your blog: your foul language (because I am a fellow potty-mouth) and your hilarious spin on the good, bad and ugly of pregnancy and kids!

    I just found your blog today, I am 13 weeks prego with the first rascal (first of many, my husband dreams of fielding his own soccer team…scary!). I have literally been reading archived blog posts for the last two hours…whilst at work. Whoops!

    I am one of the first of my friends to get pregnant and would love this book.
    Bullet points = my kind of "how to keep your kid alive" guide!

    Thanks for sharing all your entertaining and gut-busting insight!

  • Having this book would make my day! I'm 40 and doing it alone….everybody feels the need to tell me what's best for me and scare me with statistics on birth defects for older mothers. Whatevs! Make my day!

  • I'm 7 weeks into my first pregnancy and your blog has taken me from freaked the f*** out to rolling on the floor laughing! Thank you for helping me keep my cool and I hope I win!

  • Hi there! Here's hoping I win, of course I will be flabbergasted if I don't 😉 – pregnant with my first and I just about spewed pasteurized OJ reading through your blogs! I love it – keep up the good work 🙂


  • 3 weeks til my due date and I have NO CLUE what to expect! Love your blog – helped mr pack my go bag. 🙂

  • LOOONG time reader, just found out I'm pregnant with my first (due in March)! I am a hypochondriac in recovery and for me knowledge is power. I've read great things about this book, and even have it on my Amazon Wishlist. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  • As a first time mom who is completely lost and overwhelmed by everything I would LOVE this book. I would read it time after time until I had memorized every word.

  • I just did a general search for a pregnancy blog (First time mom at 20.5 weeks) and whoosh, I found yours. I have to tell you that I like your style 🙂 Glad I found your page. Look forward to spending more time with you.

  • Please……Please…….Pick me! Pick Me!!… obnoxious was that! lol… First time mommy here….Im 6 weeks pregnant and this book looks like its a wealth of info that i sure could use and learn from! I somehow Just stumbled on ur website and I LOVE it!! Halloween photos rock! Ill be back daily!! Thanks in advance 4 picking me!!!!!! Humor…gotta have it! xo

  • I've been looking for some good momma/prego books… everyone always points me to "what to expect when you're expecting"… i want something else. THIS! 🙂

  • I'm due any day now with our first baby. I.AM.STARTING.TO.FREAK.OUT. From what I hear, thats normal… but would love this book to gets lots of little helpful tips!!

  • My husband has threatened to burn all of the pregnancy books I have purchased or even merely perused, as they (according to him, and it just may have been possible, a little, perhaps) scared the crap out of me. I think the 3:30am call to him at work was what put him over the edge: "Did you know my boobs are going to deflate?! That's what she wrote she wrote deflate. Eff, and I just started to like them."

    So, (and he is totally aware of this phenomenon, I like to believe it is why he loves me) because he doesn't want me to have more, more is all I want. Pick me!

    Also. I just found you this evening, and I have been laughing so hard tears have been streaming, and there's a new pain in my side. Thank you. Fo reals. I'm wishing pregnancy on my best friend just so it's not too weird I send her the link.

  • I am due in Oct with my second. BUT my kids will be 8 years apart! I would love this since I feel like Im doing this for the first time again!

  • I'm a 1st time Mom-to-be due in October and have never even changed a diaper! I could use all the help I can get. 🙂

  • I found your blog today and learned a lot already! First time for me 12 weeks in.. now a little terrified. I'd like as many books as I can get 🙂

  • I'll be a mommy within the next 5 weeks (hopefully sooner with this heat!) and would LOVE this BOOK 🙂 It sounds like the perfect read!

  • I would LOVE to win this BOOK! I have a friend who is due soon and she is a first time mom! This would be invaluable for her 🙂 I have my fingers crossed!!

  • Just had my second baby 2 weeks ago while my first baby turned one 11 days prior. Would love a nice book like this to help destress between feedings and poop cleanup.

  • I hope I win! We just came home from the hospital yesterday with our new baby girl who is now 4 days old.

  • I saw this in a bookstore back over Mother's Day weekend. I flipped through it and it was so cute, I would love to have it! 🙂

  • I'm a soon-to-be first-time Mommy!
    Would love to have a great book like this to add to my collection. Ah. Who am I kidding? I don't have a collection, but would still LOVE this book! 🙂

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