Koren Reyes Photography Session Giveaway

I really wish I had more pictures of me when I was pregnant. Nothing over-the-top but just nice “this is what we looked like when I was pregnant with you”.

So I was excited when Koren Reyes asked me if I’d be interested in doing a giveaway for one of her Mini Tuesday Photography Sessions.

The tricky part is she’s in New York. So if you live in New York, or will be visiting New York, or you think, “Hell yeah, if I win I’ll make the trip to New York!”, then this one is for you.

You could win a Mini Tuesday Session with 2 5×7 prints. It’s a 45-minute, on-camera session with an image review session that lasts about an hour immediately following the shoot. It also includes a low-resolution CD of all the images captured during the session.

The session is valued at $640 and can be booked for a time after August 3rd because she’s one busy lady.

If you check out her gallery, you can see that she can run the gamut from simple and tasteful to artsy and cool so there’s something for everyone depending on how bold you want to go. Everybody looks really comfortable which is hard to capture if you’re not an experienced photographer.

Plus, she’s written some great articles like 5 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE HIRING A PHOTOGRAPHER and WHAT TO WEAR TO A MATERNITY SHOOT so you know you’re in good hands.

Up for a trip to NYC? We’ll just enter a comment below and I’ll draw one lucky winner next Tuesday (July 17th). 


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  • My aunt is becoming a new mother soon! And I would loveee for her to get a trip to NYC as well pictures of her since she's never spoiled herself! I'd really appreciate the opportunity! It'd be very wonderful for our family!

    Thank you!

  • Wow this is a super cool and generous giveaway, and the photographer looks so talented! My husband and I are both originally from NY (live in Boston now) so have friends and family there, and it would be a fun trip to take. I am expecting our first baby (a boy!), and this would be an amazing experience for us.

    Money is tight, and there's been a lot of transitions because in the last two years we moved cross-country (from CA to MA), changed jobs, and recently bought a house, so this would be a much appreciated gift to commemorate this important time in our lives! I've been feeling self conscious about all the body changes and I think this would also be a good morale and self esteem boost for me too. Thanks for considering us.

  • Um, yes please! I have stalked your site for at least a year–thinking "when I get knocked up, she'll be my emotional doula.". Good news-were preggo with eggo número UNO and your shit is waaaaay funnier now that I'm in the somewhat-know! Bad news: pregnancy photos are super expensive, and there's no way I'm talking my DH into them since he's now in "crap, there will be three mouths to feed" mode! We could USE a hookup–and we promise not to make the awkward list!

  • Awesome giveaway! I live in NYC so that would be a perfect fit. Great way to remember this pregnancy, keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Nothing portrays the magic, charisma and shear strength of the entire pregnancy journey than the RIGHT photo shoot. To capture a woman's sense of pride, strength and the the glimmer of enthusiasm with a touch of fear in her eyes is to capture a woman's soul onto paper for a precious, rare glimpse in her life. I can only pray that I will have such an amazing opportunity with such a gifted photographer to draw these glimpses during this entrancing time; my first pregnancy.

  • At the beginning of this week I told a friend I'd rather not have any photos taken of me while I am pregnant, and did a quick Google search to send her some Awkward Maternity Photos as proof of just how wrong it can go.

    It just so happens the link I sent to her was yours, and I am now a fan of Pregnant Chicken, spouting your wisdom and lauding your humor to anyone who gives me ten minutes to talk. The sheer irony (or is it fate? I get them confused sometimes) of winning an amazing photo shoot from your site is too ridic to pass up.

    Oh and I'm totally in the area, and booked til August 3rd myself. Everything is falling into place…
    My breath is bated.

  • Hell yeah is right! What an amazing offer, I would LOVE this! I just started my 3rd trimester and August would be perfect (still 2 months from my due date)! Please pick me!!

  • What a great giveaway! I am just finishing up my first trimester, so my belly isn't exactly camera ready yet, but I am certainly looking forward to when it is! NY is just a short drive for us, and a day trip to the city would be fun!

  • The photos look amazing. My partner and I would love to have Koren work her magic on us and our little girl (to be). It would be a dream come true.

  • What a fantastic giveaway! My husband and I are military and transferring to the New England area. NY would be a great getaway before our baby is due in November 😉 Thank you so much!

  • my husband and I are in the middle of some drastic changes. the biggest three being our first baby in August (full countdown mode is so on), new jobs, and moving from one end of the states to the other (seattle to nyc)
    winning this giveaway would totally rock our worlds and just add that extra gloss in capturing all the changes that seem to be happening in our lives.

  • Sounds great! A photo session would be a much more thrilling reason to head to the city than my daily commute for work. And what a great way to celebrate my first pregnancy.

  • What a fantastic giveaway! My husband and I are military and transferring to the New England area. NY would be a great getaway before our baby is due in November 😉 Thank you so much!

  • WOW! I would feel honoured to win this prize!! We're in NY a handful of times in the next year, before we move back overseas and this would be a miracle of a gift. (Thank you for spreading the generosity!)

  • I'm not pregnant anymore… but, we live in New York, and this would be great for a family potrait with our little 2 month old girl, Penelope…. It would also help us get over the fact that Kortney Kardashian just ruined our child's name….

  • My husband is a NY native, and we get there often. I'm pregnant with #3 and have never documented my pregnancy with professional shots. Would love to capture this last one! Thanks!

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