Undercover Mama Giveaway

The Undercover Mama attaches to any bra, allowing you to keep your back, sides, and stomach covered while allowing you the full accessibility to breastfeed. It basically turns any bra into a nursing shirt. Rather than spending money on an expensive wardrobe, the Undercover Mama allows you to make any shirt a nursing shirt.

Open to U.S. & Canada.

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  • I own 10 of these, and I love them. They didn’t even cause me to overheat in the summer! (Though I live in southern Ontario, Canada.)

    In case anyone is trying to figure out sizing, my nursing boobs are 34H, and I wear a size 10 pant, and I bought my Undercover Mama shirts in a medium. (My boobs didn’t usually fit through the standard nursing top openings, so if you’re well-endowed postpartum, I’d doubly suggest these!)

    No one asked me to write this, I swear, but they saved me so much money, they’re super comfortable, and I think that’s worth sharing.

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