Oh man, talk about getting in on the ground floor on something really big.

Pregnant Chicken launched in February 2010 and for the first week my mom was the only one that read it – but it’s picking up speed, FAST. In less than a year, I’ve gotten over 3,000,000 page views and it now averages around 250,000 page views a month.

My ads are $30 a week or $100 a month and, right now, if you buy a three-month block, I’ll give you one of those months free (cuz that’s how I roll, son).

I’ll bill you through Paypal and payment has to be received before the ad runs. 

The ad spaces are 300X125.

    As for my readers, well, they are mostly pregnant women (go figure), they are typically between the age of 25-44 (again, go figure), living in North America – right now my audience is skewing to the U.S. with California, Texas and New York being my top areas.  I’m pretty confident they’ve had sex at least once and they’re very tolerant of the word “shit” being used in the content they read. These broads are awesome.

    If you want to check out some of my stats, you can find them here:

    So, if you’re interested in being able to say, “ pfft. I had my ads placed right when they started up. Now it costs two grand and a left testicle to get in there.”, then send me an email at and let’s chat.



    Do the pregnant ladies like giveaways? You bet your bottom dollar!

    If you’d like to do a giveaway, please contact me with how many items you can supply. I will do a little blurb featuring your product and ask interested readers to leave a comment and to check out your site to enter. I will happily feature your Facebook and Twitter pages but I won’t make following them a requirement to enter (I hate that and I suspect my readers do too). I will choose a random winner and send you their contact information so you can ship it to them directly. You must be willing to ship your item internationally.

    Baby gear such as carriers, towels, hats, etc. seems to be the fave amongst my readers.


    Book and Product Reviews:

    Sadly, I don’t have enough time to read these days so book reviews are out (for now). I’m also not having a baby anytime soon so it’s pretty hard for me to review products that are pregnancy related, so I recommend that you consider doing a giveaway instead. Sorry, that’s the way the shit shakes right now.

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    Did I miss something? No problem. Feel free to get in touch with me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.