August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is breastfeeding awareness month. Did you know that? I didn’t.

I know, as a pregnancy blogger I should know that kind of thing – I suck (yuk, yuk) – but it’s still August so I still have time to be *aware*.

So I rounded up some of my favourite articles and images that have to do with breastfeeding – I’d call it “Booby Tuesday” but, alas, it’s Friday and I can’t think of anything for that.

I’ve tried very hard to find articles that are both informative and truly helpful. I’m sure you’re well aware that some people are very passionate about breastfeeding and I think that’s great, however, what I don’t find great is making someone feel shitty because they aren’t breastfeeding. If you can do it, go for it, if you can’t, no worries.

So let’s celebrate the magical wonder of breasts and how they aren’t just for holding up tube tops and getting mardi gras beads. Woot!

Here’s a great article I found called The Timeline of the Breastfed Baby from The Alpha Parent that lays out an average timeline for breastfeeding a baby from birth to two years +. While every baby is different, the detail in the article is amazing and certainly worth a read.

I found article on How Long Can You Store Breastmilk from Motherlove handy. I remember in the beginning pumping something like two ounces over the course of an hour and caring for it like it was liquid gold. I don’t know if it would have been helpful or dangerous for me to know if was only good for 3-4 hours at room temperature.

Remember when I first featured the Boobie Beanie? Well, I still love these hats and you can find them all over Etsy. I am particularly fond of these ones from Gypsythatiwas. Not just because they look cool and come in a variety of skin tones, but because she used the terms, “Jughead” and “Mamtam” in her search tags AND you can get an optional nipple ring.

Love, love this article written by Mary Lynne Biener for Kindercare called, Supporting Breastfeeding Families Systemic Failure and the Myth of Choice on how, as a society, we have to step it up when it comes to supporting women trying to breastfeed.

I was never able to find an original source for this, but how much does this kid rock?

I found two recipes for lactation cookies that looked really good here and here. Brown sugar, chocolate chips and butter? Why yes, thank you, I think I do need help with my milk supply.

I’m going to go ahead and say this is one of the most badass awesome breastfeeding photos. C’mon, she’s breastfeeding while holding a machete. Suck on that Time magazine.

Wicked series by Russ Desaulniers and Kate Wilhelm on Breast Feeding and Roller Derby.

Possibly my most favourite article about breastfeeding called Breastfeeding in the Land of Genghis Khan by Ruth Kamnitzer. I have no doubt that Mongolians would find our social stigmas around breastfeeding ridiculous if they weren’t so busy being awesome.

So hurray for breastfeeding and hurray for supporting the woman doing it. Viva la boob!

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  • Viva la boob indeed! Love all these articles that you just posted. Definitely worth sharing to everyone and anyone who still doubts that breast is definitely best! Did you know that in third world countries, breastfeeding rates are declining? This is a cause of alarm and their government must address this very important issue.

  • Damn, Tiffiny! Somebody left a really good response and for some reason it registered on the blog multiple times so I tried to delete the extras and the platform ended up deleting them all. SHIT!

    I know she mentioned fenugreek which does help with milk supply and she also mentioned there isn't any reason you shouldn't be able to successfully breastfeed this time around, and I totally agree.

    If you can get in touch with a lactation consultant it would give you a leg up beforehand so even if you encounter another nazi nurse you'll be armed with the correct technique and info. Most nurses know their stuff but you'll be that much ahead of the game in case you get unlucky in the staff lottery. is a great online resource as well. I find them very informative and non-judgey : )

    Good luck and keep me posted on how it goes!

  • I have a boobie question…My first child was 4 weeks early via c-section 🙁 and on his first night of life i had a nazi nurse come in my room in the middle of the night and slam my boob into his mouth…needless to say we were both sobbing and traumatized. He never learned to suck and so I pumped for 7 weeks until I had to make a choice between the hands-free double pump while being gaped at by my husband and the prospect of ever having sex again…i chose the latter. Fast forward 3 1/2 years and we are expecting #2. I really really really want to bfeed this time but am concerned about the whole c-section thing (forced to have a scheduled one). Any suggestions for herbs, vitamins,etc or just general tips on how i can make this dream a reality?

  • I just stumbled across your blog…and I think I'm in love.

    Also, I've gone to see David Sedaris read from his work, and if our seats were any closer I probably would've responded in the way you think you would.

  • I LOVED that article about BF in Mongolia! Thanks so much for posting the link I love you pregnant chicken you always have such wonderful things on your blog. TTC now and I'm totes gonna make my hubby read your entire site cause you're just that awesome!

  • Info blurbs like that about Norway make me so depressed about my job. I'm due in March and when I get back to work they'll make me use my vacation time up in 15 minute chunks every time I need to pump. Meanwhile smokers have unlimited, un-monitored smoke breaks whenever they want. This county is so backwards when it comes to maternity leave/rights.

  • Many thanks for your mention of my lactation pride hats for infants. I am especially honored to have mine featured here on your Blog, when there are so many others out there. As a nurse, a Mom, and a past nursing Mom, I love making these little hats. Thanks again for the promo!!

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