Finding the Perfect Baby Halloween Costume

Some people have babies to fulfill some type of evolutionary destiny; I had babies so I could dress them up in a funny costume at Halloween.

Below are my favorite picks for infant Halloween costumes. I’ve purposefully picked costumes that mimic pajamas or regular baby clothes and a few that are stroller and carrier friendly.


beanie baby halloween costume for a baby girl


Beanie Baby Seriously, this one could not be easier and adorable. Go get one of those fuzzy winter bunting things you have laying around and attach the “TY” tag and BAM! Dunzo.


strawberry dipped in chocolate baby halloween costumeStrawberry  Berry, berry adorable. This one is nice if you live somewhere warmer too.


zombie baby halloween costume

Zombie Baby/Mom (Source) I don’t know who this chick is but I want to party with her. This costume mimics what the last 4 weeks of each of my pregnancies felt like.


pea pod baby halloween costumePea Pod Bunting. Nothing is sweeter than a tender little garden vegetable.


lobster baby halloween costume

Lobster in the Pot (Pinterest) Take an easy going kid, add a lobster costume and a pot and you’re cookin’.


popcorn vendor baby carrier halloween costume

Popcorn Baby (Source)  My friend Kate knocked it out of the park with this one. This no-sew costume just requires your favorite baby carrier, some felt and a hot glue gun!


popcorn baby stroller halloween costume

Popcorn baby – stroller costume Similar to the above, only for those parents who prefer a stroller!

ear of corn baby halloween costume

Ear of Corn bunting ( You can’t really go wrong with a bunting costume for your newborn. Aaaaand here’s where I admit I have a soft spot for babies dressed up as food. Corn on the cob…NOM NOM.


poker player baby stroller halloween costume

Baby Playing Poker – stroller costume My baby would have had a field day playing with all the stuff on this table.


homemade octopus baby halloween costume

Baby Octopus I just…I can’t even…oh shit, I just got blinded by the cuteness.


tootsie roll baby halloween costumeTootsie Roll Bunting (Amazon) want to eat a whole bag of you. Wait. What?


golden girls homemade baby halloween costume

Sophia from Golden Girls A Pregnant Chicken reader submitted this and I spewed my coffee all over my laptop screen when I saw it. It is PERFECTION. No major cost required and funny as hell.



rocket ship baby carrier halloween costume

Baby Rocketship – carrier (Source) I totally would have rocked this one at the backyard Halloween party we attended last year. And walked around drunkenly singing “Ground control to Major Tom…”

carrot baby halloween costumeCarrot bunting ( I mean, come on. Are you kidding me with that hat?!


oscar the grouch baby carrier halloween costume

Oscar the grouch – carrier Another brilliant Pregnant Chicken reader submitted this and I love it, mostly because babies are mostly grouchy when being paraded around, so why not just go with it? (I found a hat here.)



scuba diver homemade baby halloween costume
Baby Scuba Diver For those of you with a pacifier baby, this could be the answer to your Halloween prayers.

pink bunny baby halloween costume

Pink Bunny ( Adorable. The ears kill me.

peacock baby halloween costume


Peacock (Amazon) The little bum on this costume is just too much.


garden gnome simple baby halloween costume

Gnome Most babies have a gnome-vibe going on anyway.


cabbage patch doll baby halloween costume

Cabbage Patch Kid Once you have the wig you’re all set.

Ventriloquist’s Dummy: Can you say, brilliant to the nice people?


alien homemade baby halloween costume

Baby Alien: They come out at night mostly. Mostly.


nacho libre baby halloween costume

Nacho Libre: Do you remember when everyone was shouting my name, and I used my strength to rip my blouse?


Baby Taco: To this child I say, “Si” and “Mucho gracias”.


cabbage patch doll box baby halloween costume

Cabbage Patch Kid: This costume just blows my mind. I’ll take two, please.


homemade flower pot baby halloween costume

Flower Baby: You may have wondered what that high pitched squealing was about an hour ago when I found this picture. Now you know.


hot dog vendor homemade baby stroller halloween costume

Hot Dog Vendor and Hot Dog (with a side of monkey awesome): So simple and so brilliant only made better by the fact that the baby has no idea its dressed up like a wiener.


father and son dressed as the man in the big yellow hat and curious george for halloween

Curious George and the Man the Big Yellow Hat: How cool is a parent that dresses up tip to toe in yellow? That’s a lucky monkey.


twins dressed as thing 1 and thing 2 for halloween.

Thing 1 and Thing 2: The precious little faces on these babies makes my teeth ache they are so sweet. If they came to my door their parents would be leaving with Thing None.

Happy Halloween!

The BEST halloween costumes for baby girl and baby boy from store bought to homemade!

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