Bandalou – the way to discover, unite and save on baby gear

Crowdsourcing is everywhere from events to charities but what if it could get you a great deal on baby gear?

Bandalou is a new crowdsourcing site that uses the power of buying in groups for high-end baby products.

How does it work, you ask?

So let’s say you see and item you want, like a $1,000 stroller (I’m working in round numbers here.) You raise your hand and say, “Yep, I’d like one of those!” Then wait to see how many other parents say, “Yep” to that stroller too. Then Bandalou approaches the manufacturer, and says “Hey, I have 100 people that love your stroller, can you give us a deal?”

Bandalou then comes back to you and the people that wanted that stroller in 3 days and say, “If you buy the stroller within the next 48 hours, we can give you a $100 credit to spend on anything else in the store.” (They call them Bandalou Bucks – they do this instead of a checkout discount because most brands don’t allow that.) The more people that want it, the better the deal is – the power of buying in bulk.

You can decide if you want to take them up on the offer, or pass.

You would pay $1,000 on Amazon or Bandalou, except Bandalou rewards you with $100 Bandalou Bucks with your purchase (it’s like getting $100 in store credit), which you can use immediately on a second purchase without any restrictions.

You can join a crowdsource to see what the deal will be or jump on one that already has an offer.

You can join a crowdsource to see what the deal will be or jump on one that already has an offer.

It’s smart because, while places like Groupon and Wagjag curates the offers from the businesses that work with them, Bandalou is 100% curated by parents. That means you have the ability to kick off your own group based on a particular interest – everything from car seats to jogging strollers – instead of what the manufacturer has decided to discount that month.

Bandalou is 100% curated by parents

The other nice thing is that you can see what other parents are digging – especially if you’re just browsing and not sure of what you want. Not only can you see that everyone seems to be super stoked about a particular car seat, but you can also join the group and ask the question, “Hey, how come you guys like this one over the Grow 2 Me model?”

Just like people take notice when a crowd gathers outside a store or around a product, you can virtually see the same buzz and ask questions, chat and raise your hand with other parents to say, “Hell yeah, we’d all like one of those. What kind of deal can you give us?”

It’s like a giant shopping mall of baby gear where everyone is shopping at the same time. Except there are no crowds, lineups, babies missing a nap or rude people trying to return a bottle of bubble bath that has clearly been opened and used, claiming that “it came that way.” (I’m still outraged after witnessing this over five years ago. Who does that?!)

Anyway, the short and skinny is you can get deals on high-end baby stuff without even leaving your house. There’s no commitment to buy anything, so I think it’s worth checking out to see what deals are available and what products other parents are digging right now.

But you tell me, what do you think of the Bandalou idea? What gear would you like to see on there?

(You also get $15 in Bandalou Bucks when you register!)

This post was created in partnership with Bandalou but all the thoughts and opinions (and typos) are my own. I don’t tell you about stuff I don’t like.

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