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The Biddy Belly was developed by Robin Tacchetti, a physical
therapist who is also a mother of three. The idea came to her after observing
all three of her babies struggle with tummy time. Being a physical therapist,
she knew how important Tummy Time was for muscle development. However, she was
unable to keep her babies from getting frustrated and crying when they were in
the prone position.

Despite Robin’s repeated attempts to turn the babies on their
bellies, all three of her children developed flat spots on the back of their
heads. She knew there had to be a better way to develop their muscles and reach
their gross motor milestones within the normal time frame. She put her physical
therapy and Mom knowledge together along with consultations from pediatricians
and the “Biddy Belly” was born.


  • Increases strength in shoulders, arms,
    back and headDecreases risk of gross motor delays
    such as rolling, sitting and crawling
  • Decreases risk of “flat spots”
    on the back of the head (plagiocephaly)
  • Decreases risk of neck muscles
    tightening on one side of the (positional torticolis) 
  • Promotes cognitive development (thinking
    and reasoning skills)

Here are some FAQs if you’d like to
learn even more about it. You can also find them on Facebook too.

Enter to win one in the box below
(assuming I haven’t screwed it up this time) and I’ll choose a random winner
next week.

Good luck!

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Congratulations, Jessica (and her baby, Declan)! My computer crashed before I could save it in the winner mode. I will master this giveaway thing. I will!

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