Diary Comic About Expecting

I went to art college so you’d think I can draw, but I can’t. Well I sort of can but I have to really work at it.

So when a gal named Brie wrote me to tell me about her illustration blog that’s documenting her pregnancy, I was all, “Fah, that’s how I wish I could draw.” It’s all smart, expressive and easy. I kinda hate her ; )

Here are just a few of the illustrations I love, but check out her site at 265days.posterous.com to see the rest.





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  • You continue to make me pee my pants well after I squeezed out my little mini-person.

    The love you give other blogs makes me love you even more. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. It's posted on my blog for all the world to see.

    Happy V-Day Mamma!

  • That's about the best artistic depiction of morning sickness–and the TOTAL EUPHORIA of saying hasta la vista to it–I have ever seen!

    I just wish that my morning sickness was done by the end of T1–it lasted longer with every pregnancy, more than halfway through this last time.

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