Etsy Pick – French Alphabet Poster
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Etsy Pick – French Alphabet Poster

By Amy Morrison

Can you tell I like Etsy?

Well, I also like inexpensive ways to tart up a nursery wall because there’s no point in spending an arm and a leg on something that’s going to be temporary – “Uh mom, my girlfriend is coming over, can I finally take down the Winne the Pooh commemorative plates in my room?”.

So I love this French alphabet poster from Children Inspire Design (you can also find them at their etsy store under artandphilanthropy).

They are also available in a variety of languages including: Spanish, English, Chinese, Italian, German, Swedish, French or Hebrew and it sounds like they will do just about any language for you so bring on the Sanskrit! They are 11″x14″ and are $24 bucks.

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