Honest Company is Paying Out for Being Less Than Honest
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Honest Company is Paying Out for Being Less Than Honest

By Emily Ramirez

If you purchased qualifying Honest Company products between Jan. 17, 2012 and July 10, 2017, you may be entitled to some money, thanks to a class-action lawsuit filed by a number of concerned citizens.

Here’s the quick and dirty run down:

During that time period, Honest Company got a little loosey goosey with their language, and promoted many of their products as being “natural,” “all natural,” “naturally derived,” or “plant-based” when in reality, many of their products contain synthetic chemicals, some of which are even classified as toxic under federal law. This doesn’t line up well with the company’s “no harsh chemicals, ever!” promise, which could be found on their packaging prior to this lawsuit.

The list of products includes 48 different items.

The big hitters include diapers, wipes, SPF 30 sunscreen, essentials bundles, bar soap, soothing bottom wash, bubble bath, and laundry detergent, but a full list of what qualifies can be found here.

The payout is… conservative.

Each qualifying product entitles you to… wait for it… $2.50. You are able to submit unlimited claims for products purchased directly from their site, and up to 10 claims for products purchased from other retailers, without a receipt. After that, they require proof of purchase before forking over your moolah.

Two-hundred and fifty pennies may not seem worth it at first glance, but if you, like me, have been subscribing to their diaper bundles since July of 2013, and have purchased approximately one million dollars worth of adorable but apparently not-quite-natural diapers, it may be worth considering.

Claims can be filed regardless of if you’ve received a notice of this settlement or not.

Some people may receive an email or a postcard alerting them to this lawsuit, but others may not. If you believe you qualify for some reimbursement, you can file a claim here. Claims can be filed until 10/23/2017.

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