How Pregnant Chicken Got Started

how pregnant chicken got started

Pregnancy can be the happiest time of your life but it can be the scariest, most guilt ridden, and tiring time of your life too (I think it gives you a preview for actually having a kid).

Here’s How Pregnant Chicken Got Started

During my two pregnancies, I was overwhelmed with all the information of what I should and shouldn’t do while pregnant. Everything finished off with “to be on the safe side, just avoid it.” Well, that’s great except I’d be sitting in a hamster ball eating washed, organic leaf lettuce and popping folic acid for 40 weeks if I did that.

As much as I wanted to discount all these scare tactics, I couldn’t help but think “what if”. What if I did miscarry because I ate a hotdog? What if my baby was deformed because I cleaned out the litter box? I second guessed and googled everything.

I was a chicken. A pregnant chicken.

Now that my two sons are here, I look back on that time with anger. Not because there are warnings of what to avoid when pregnant, but these so called experts drop these little nuggets in your lap with terms like “studies have shown” and “experts agree” but with very few studies or experts to back them up. Then they wrap it all up with the ever endearing “to be on the safe side, avoid it” to absolve themselves if your kid grows a tail because you ate a breath mint in your first trimester. You’re left rocking in the corner with the ever looming “be on the safe side” hanging over your head if, god forbid, you decided to have a glass of wine with dinner.

In 2010 I started building the site.

I decided to compile as much as I could find on many of the subjects that haunted me throughout both my pregnancies to shine a little perspective on all of it. At first, it was for my pregnant friends who would ask me, “did you eat soft ice cream when you were pregnant?” Then they started passing it along to their friends. And so on. After a few years, I gave up my freelance design gig and started doing the site full time. I even started hiring people to work with me on the site and posting guest posts from people with different stories and expertise. It has grown into this incredible community with thousands of followers and I never would have imagined back in 2010 when Pregnant Chicken got started.

I’m not a doctor. I’m not even close.

This is only a compilation of the things I found online but surf for yourself and decide which things you think you should avoid during your pregnancy and things that you shouldn’t. All I can guarantee is that down the road we’ll all find out we chose both right and wrong and it’s a miracle any of us are here at all.