Losing It – Week One

Well here I am after week one!

I made it.

Let me start with the meal plan from Sprout Right. It is awesome.

The recipes are incredible. Seriously. I don’t feel like I’m being cheated out of anything and I do really well throughout the day… but then the kids go to bed.

Historically, this is when I’d really put the pedal down. After all, I didn’t want my children eating that kind of garbage, and I certainly didn’t want them stealing mine. So I would curl up with a bag of chips, some sour cream with onion soup mix mixed in and a diet coke then hit it like a rabid wolverine while I watched my pvr’d shows.

Now, according to this meal plan I’m not supposed to eat after 8pm unless I’m pregnant (Lucky pregnant people. Insert hands-in-pocket, dirt kick). This proved to be very challenging for me.

So now I had to curl up with a caffeine-free mug of herbal tea to watch Dancing with the Stars. I should also mention that I hate herbal tea. It always tastes like I should be soaking my feet in it instead of drinking it and it sure as hell doesn’t cut it as a replacement for chip dip – the first couple of nights I just went to be early so I didn’t start rummaging through the couch cushions to see if any rogue M&Ms had fallen in there.

As painful as the first few days were though, the plan makes sense – spread your meals over the day rather than eating almost your entire caloric intake within two hours before going to bed, plus, the food really is delicious and cheaper too.

The initial grocery bill took me back a bit but then I didn’t eat out, get coffee, stop for a treat, or order a pizza, etc. for the rest of the week. I couldn’t tell you how much I saved because I suck at that kind of thing and it didn’t occur to me to track it, but I have a lot more cash in my wallet at the end of this week than I usually do.

Now for The Shred.

I have a theory.

I have decided that Jillian Michaels is brilliant.

In the beginning, you want to punch her face in but you are far too weak and slightly crippled by her workouts that she need not worry. By the time you could actually do her some harm, you are so cut and hot that you change your mind and decide that you love her and join her army of minions.

This woman will take over the world one day.

In the meantime, I try to follow Anita (the “easy level” girl with 2% body fat) and try not wet my pants doing the skip rope portion.

To add insult to injury, my two year old likes to get his Play Doh cans and pretend they are hand weights and does entire routine effortlessly beside me. To some this would be adorable (and it is) but part of me can’t help resent him a wee bit as I look up at him, exhausted in a puddle of my own urine, because he is one of the two reasons I’m in this mess.

Then he takes a break from his squat rows and hugs me and all is forgiven.

One thing I think I can thank him for is my freakishly fit abs. I am amazed at how easy I’m finding the abdominal exercises as this has never been a strong area for me. I guess hauling a screaming toddler to the car has its benefits. I can’t wait to see these miraculous abs if I’m ever able to unearth them from the layers of fat like some archeological dig in ancient Egypt.


I have stuck exactly to the meal plan and I’ve done the Shred everyday and I have lost…..

::drum roll::

3 pounds.

I was kind of hoping for 30 but I suppose that wasn’t realistic and really I should consider it a good start in the right direction. Maybe I should just be thankful for the pounds lost and try not to wet my pants this week.

I keep you posted on how the second week goes.

Thank you all for your supportive and encouraging words. I love them. Like chips and dip, oh sweet baby Jesus, I miss my chips and dip.


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