Losing It – Week Three

I’m in the third week. Over half way through my healthy eating and “shredaganza” but I’ve hit a wall. That whore of a wall is called seasonal allergies and they can fuck right off.

For the past decade or so I’ve gotten seasonal allergies in both spring and fall. I get all congested, wheezy and tired but most of all, I get sucky. Like man-cold, want-to-punch-me-in-the-face sucky.

So I’ve been lame in my workouts even though I’ve been doing them. I’m sure Jillian would kick me in the neck and tell me to, “Stop phoning it in!” but my face is heavy and my mouth is all pasty from antihistamines.

Boo hoo (insert tiny violin sound)


On the meal plan side, I’ve been doing okay but I don’t think I’ve been eating enough. I keep forgetting my snack and I know that’s not good. I also ate half a sleeve of Pringles on Monday night because I forgot they were in the junk cupboard and I was so shocked when I saw them that I just had to eat them. It was like if a cat walked in on its hide legs and said, “put ‘er there buddy.” Don’t tell me you wouldn’t shake that cat’s paw, man. No matter how wrong it is, you’d just have to do it.

I’m bad and dirty but I’ll continue.

So I know I didn’t lose weight because even though Lianne told me not to weight myself, I do it all the time (naked in one spot in the bathroom that seems to register the lowest weight.) Pooh.


But I did measure myself and lost another quarter inch off my thighs and another three-quarters of an inch off my waist. Yay! Nothing off the chest or hips so you just know I’m going to look like Ice T’s wife Coco any day now! BaDUNKadunk!

I have one more week to go with the daily work outs and then the final tally. I promise to jack myself full of meds and really get ‘er done this week. Cue Europe’s, The Final Countdown anthem. Wish me luck, Lovelies!


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