Losing It – Week Three

I’m in the third week. Over half way through my healthy eating and “shredaganza” but I’ve hit a wall. That whore of a wall is called seasonal allergies and they can fuck right off.

For the past decade or so I’ve gotten seasonal allergies in both spring and fall. I get all congested, wheezy and tired but most of all, I get sucky. Like man-cold, want-to-punch-me-in-the-face sucky.

So I’ve been lame in my workouts even though I’ve been doing them. I’m sure Jillian would kick me in the neck and tell me to, “Stop phoning it in!” but my face is heavy and my mouth is all pasty from antihistamines.

Boo hoo (insert tiny violin sound)



On the meal plan side, I’ve been doing okay but I don’t think I’ve been eating enough. I keep forgetting my snack and I know that’s not good. I also ate half a sleeve of Pringles on Monday night because I forgot they were in the junk cupboard and I was so shocked when I saw them that I just had to eat them. It was like if a cat walked in on its hide legs and said, “put ‘er there buddy.” Don’t tell me you wouldn’t shake that cat’s paw, man. No matter how wrong it is, you’d just have to do it.

I’m bad and dirty but I’ll continue.

So I know I didn’t lose weight because even though Lianne told me not to weight myself, I do it all the time (naked in one spot in the bathroom that seems to register the lowest weight.) Pooh.


But I did measure myself and lost another quarter inch off my thighs and another three-quarters of an inch off my waist. Yay! Nothing off the chest or hips so you just know I’m going to look like Ice T’s wife Coco any day now! BaDUNKadunk!

I have one more week to go with the daily work outs and then the final tally. I promise to jack myself full of meds and really get ‘er done this week. Cue Europe’s, The Final Countdown anthem. Wish me luck, Lovelies!


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  • BAWK!! You GO, girl. Don't stop!
    Exercising on antihistamines is the best. Take another one, and that plank jack may come!
    By the way, Coco has the HUGEST ASS I've ever seen. It is unreal.
    I've totally got some junk in my trunk, but these days when I gain weight it seems to just spread itself out all over. Amy, I'm a pilates instructor and I still have cellulite and fat!! Because I cannot spend 3 hours in the gym and weigh my food at every meal!! Or I am just totally lazy and have no self-control.
    I am being inspired by you and really trying my best to eat some fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast instead of coffee and a cookie.

    Piper (Ace)

    PS – Coco's ass in real life TOTALLY has cellulite on it. I JUST KNOW IT.

  • Great job, sticking with the workout! I always look forward to your blog. Vitamin C helps me a great deal with allergies…I take about 1000mg every four hours when allergies hit hardest and it nearly eliminates them. Maybe it would help with yours. Also a vitamin B complex that has 100mg of niacin (b3) or so helps with energy and mood. Keep up the hard work!

  • I commend you on your workout/eating change of lifestyle! Not an easy thing to do as I sit her on my lazy ass and drink my merlot while eating oreos….can your attutide rub off on me?

    Thanks for making my blog roll a hilarious one. I look forward to your humorous posts!

  • Losing inches is great! If you need a pick me up, you can always pull the measuring tape a little tighter and call it an extra half inch off. However, if you do that, just make sure you always pull tighter because then you'll feel really sucky if you "gain" it back. On second thought…maybe the lady who's sitting at her desk eating Cadbury Mini Eggs isn't the best person to be giving dieting advise…

  • I hear you on the allergies! They've been kicking my butt this spring. So much snow mold & dust here in Sask. this year. Being pg I'm not supposed to take any antihistamines & I'm feeling the worst I have felt in years. I never gave my antihistamines much credit but now I'm dreaming about the miracle drug. Good for you to still make it through your work outs despite allergy hell. I can barely lift my 10,000 bag of snot aka my head off of the pillow.

  • just remember too…Tommy Europe ALWAYS throws in the "secret cheat video" of his ladies doing shots and going on a serious binge at about week two and then makes the friends join in on the punishment workout….and he whoops their little bums and makes them swear up and down that what they did wasn't worth it. thank god Tommy is way too busy and you don't need to get boot camped and potentially humiliated on SLICE. (and you only ate a half a thing of pringles. (should be part of the lifestyle change in my opinion to help keep you sane.) what i'm trying to get at though, is that sometimes a wall is necessary to get back on the pony. you can do it!

  • Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged. Everyone has a bad week. At least you aren't gaining! Plus you saw some results in inches. Wonderful! Again, keep it up. I can't wait to hear about next week!

  • Good luck!!

    And, hey – sometimes misery loves company. So I just wanted to let you know that I've been hungry for 2 weeks straight and therefore have been AWESOME to be around. Woo!

    PS: I'm training for a half marathon which means I'll run for like 2 HOURS STRAIGHT one day… and I've only lost 2 pounds. FML!

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