Missing Facebook updates from Pregnant Chicken?

A few of you have let me know that Pregnant Chicken isn’t always showing up in your News Feed.

Facebook has introduced a new Promoted Posts feature which essentially means your favourite blogger or fan pages have to pay if they want all of their fans to see it. Slightly dickish I’d say, but I can’t buy the word “because” or the colour blue like Mark Zuckerberg can, so who am I to say.

Here’s the fix to make sure you see all of Pregnant Chicken’s updates on Facebook:

1. Go to Pregnant Chicken’s Facebook Page.

2. Click on the “Liked” button under the cover photo.

3. Activate the “Show in News Feed” option. (see below)

That’s it! Or at least I think that’s it considering I’m not 100% sure how to work my PVR.

And if you aren’t already a fan of Pregnant Chicken on Facebook then I ask, “Why the hell not?!”. C’mon, man. I post pictures of pie, pancake pillows and babies with moustaches.

What more could you ask for?

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  • I saw this on George Takei fan page. It seems to work for me.

    I copied and pasted it for you guys. Hope it helps!

    Fans have helped solve the problem!

    To ensure you see ALL my posts (and not just what FB decides you can see), here is a clever work-around that leverages the "Interests" and "lists" feature to ensure news stream visibility. Take one minute to do this:

    1. Click MORE on the bottom left menu on your home screen

    2. In the INTERESTS section, click "Add Interests"

    3. Click "Create List"

    4. Click on my face

    5. Click the NEXT button.

    6. Name the list "Oh Myyy" or "George Takei" or whatever. (Set the list to "Public" so friends get to share the fun!)

    That should bring us all closer together, without me having to pay FB to reach more fans. Many thanks.


  • Boo. I was hoping it would work.

    Yeah, it totally pisses me off too. I like to think that if I've "Liked" something I will always get to see it. I missed out on a wicked Klean Kanten giveaway because it was hidden.

    I don't even know how to complain about it seeing as Facebook is like the Eye of Sauron.

  • I hate to say it… But I've had this set up now since I've "Liked" you and I'm still getting a mismash of when I see things from you and when I don't. Stupid Facebook, I want to control what I see in my feed, darn it!

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