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After doing my whole Losing It Series, I thought I should do something that made us all feel good about how we look no matter what size or age we are. After all, towards the end of my first pregnancy, I hit a weight that technically put me in the same fighting class as Mike Tyson – I felt big, slow and uncomfortable and didn’t always feel good about how I looked.

I could have really used a little pick me up from some folks that know how to say, “suck-it-in-a-bucket, I rock!” and nobody does that better than the People of Walmart – yet another site that I could spend three days perusing, and did while swiping these photos (with their generous permission).

So get large and in charge and enjoy your crazy bodies, peeps. Hopefully these shots will inspire you to dawn your very own tutu and shake the good china like it’s 1999.


Unfased by the failed foot chase, “Dog the Downy Hunter” decided to search for the perp on scooter.

By going backless, she cleverly avoided those unsightly bra lines.

Somewhere a short, skinny 9-year old is late for school because she can’t find her clothes.

 At first I was all over the fresh moon tattoo, then I noticed the knee brace, then the bandaged hand. There’s a good story (and a reality tv series) in this shot – I just know it.

“I’m overheated. Nothing fits. I need yogurt. Screw it. I’m going to Walmart like this.” To this woman I give a standing, slow clap.

With great powers comes great responsibility. Great responsibility indeed.

Coordination is the key to any tasteful outfit – as is visible underpants under banana yellow tights.

Elective surgery doesn’t take away from the fact that you need cereal and ball point pens, dammit.

This outfit will be replacing my recurring naked-in-public nightmare.

I’ve had these days so I can almost support going out in public in something a 6-month old infant would wear. Perhaps with a diaper.

No one could pinpoint the hissing sound until this woman’s bum had completely inhaled her pants.

“Sweet, plaid dress with a kitten heel” seems like it should look different. Maybe not.

Just try to tell me you wouldn’t want to split a bottle of vermouth with this woman. Just try.

Check out the guy with the butt crack showing. Wait, what guy? I don’t see any guy!

 Is this considered “tennis whites” or just “forgotten pants”?

You can’t deny that a fox tail jazzes up just about any outfit.

I love your sweater. Oh, wait, nevermind.

I bet her toots smell like Skittles.

Cookie Monster vs. Cheerleader. ‘C’ is for classy that’s good enough for me!

I’m depressed that this middle-aged man has nicer legs than I do.

Are you going to tell this woman her top is too small? No, me neither.

Even in a scooter this man commands respect in the tampon isle. I’m especially fond of the elbow pads – safety first, people.

Hopefully her lower back tattoo isn’t the ancient symbol for “no”.

This man should be wheeled out every time a pregnant woman says she can’t wear a bikini.

Look who got around the “no shirt, no service” rule. Clever stud!

Oh, hell to the yeah, so the bitches know where you work. That’s right, son.

This woman is clearly comfortable AND modest. Again, someone I would probably enjoy drinking with.

So that’s it. Hopefully this kind of candy will make up for my lack of posting lately. Now go look in the mirror and say, “I too could rock a mesh shirt and no bra.” Hell yeah.

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  • Amy, can you please do humanity a favor and make this a regular, recurring thing? I love People of Walmart but it is 10,000,000x better with your added commentary.

  • i visit this blog everyday because each single post makes me burst laughing until the tears wash away all the mascara. thank you so much for all the funny ideas/comments/stories. you make me feel good even when i feel terribly pregnant. thank you!

  • thanks for the people of wallmart refresher course! My husband and I love to look at that site for laughs when we are taking ourselves too seriously. I think anyone who looks at these pictures has to be honest and admit that you are thinking the same things or near them. If you go out in public looking that bad, there is something more than obviously wrong there, and you are asking for ridicule. That said, if you can't laugh at that with that perspective, you are taking yourself way too seriously! Thanks for sharing, a nice laugh!

  • Intolerance and prejudice towards impoverished people with either a disability, style influenced by poverty's grips, old age or varying body types painting a picture of circus clown stereotypes rather than casting a gaze far more humble and human. A blog of ignorance.

  • Oh my sweet Jesus…where do I start??
    First off, I was gonna do a post on this very website and you beat me to it, you clever, clever beeyotch!
    Second, I just had to explain to my son that the first picture was her BACK and not her boobs…see, son, NO NIPPLES!!
    And the Wal-Mart belt?? Where do I get one??

  • Ohh thank you for this. After a ruff few preganancy days (tears included) this made me laugh until I had happy tears rolling down my face. Thanks again!

  • Hahaha! I've heard about this site but never went there, now I'll have to. At the local walmart here I keep seeing this one customer. A male about 6ft and 350lbs (not muscle either), heavy, very masculine features, mostly bald in male patern baldness…wearing a formless oversized dress, eye make-up, and stringy long hair from just the fringe left from his ears to the back of his nape pulled back in a pony tail. Blue eye make-up. It's always difficult to not stare in bafflement or call the cops to report an escapee from some institution or another. Cuz you know he's not in his right mind!

  • I'm not even pregnant (only 51 with 4 pregnancies in my past) and I practically peed myself over some of these-especially that second one ( the cat was giving me funny looks!) And ,yes the captions really add somethig. Also the women in the hospital gowns–unbelievable!!! I mean, WHY?! How many mo.s pregnant is the guy with the hairy arms and are you sure the guy in the shorts and wedge heels is a guy? And no. 24 looking at bathing suits–that's a woman….isn't it??? Love ur Blog–my daughter is gearing up to try for her first baby soon, so I'm gonna send her a link.

  • "I Bet Her Toots Smell Like Skittles." LMFAO!!! I hurt from laughing so hard!! I agree w/ the other posters, my new standard is NOT to qualify for the People Of Walmart Website!!

  • HILARIOUS!! I have to admit I would totally rock a onsie sleeper at Walmart if there was a snow storm or something…I don't own one yet, but my 22 year old sister does 🙂 The other ones…wow.

  • This post is not fair! I wasn't prepared and laughing hysterically, trying to fight back the tears is not easy to do while sitting at work.

    I applaud the people taking some of these pictures. I wouldn't want to be caught snapping a pic of some of these people. I mean I can probably outrun them but I don't think I'd want to chance it, especially the scooter people. I'd hate for my obituary to read "run down by Wal-Mart scooter".

    Note to self: When deciding if an outfit looks ok on me the new measuring stick is "Will I show up on People of Wal-Mart."

  • Wow….just…wow. do people not own mirrors anymore? I admit that I don't always look great when I go out running errands but this is a whole new level!

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