QuickZip Review
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QuickZip Review

By Amy Morrison

I get to see a lot of ‘baby stuff’ because of this site. Some of it’s cool. Some of it’s odd. But every so often I get my hand on something and whisper, “holy crap, that is brilliant.”

QuickZip sheets are one of those things.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed how difficult it is to get a fitted sheet on a crib mattress – it seems to defy all physics while you try to lift up the side to pull the sucker down over it. Pair this with a charming 3am pooslosion and you’ve got yourself a real party starter and you wonder how bad it would be if you let your baby sleep in his own vomit. Just me? Okay, my bad.

So the way these sheets work is you simply slip the base over the crib mattress ONCE (with a waterproof mattress cover), then zip the top sheet to it and tuck the zipper away. If someone pees through their diaper, poos up their back, spits up their midnight snack, all you have to do is zip off the sheet, then zip on a fresh one. Voila!

The other bonus is that they are super safe because nothing can come off for your kiddo to get tangled up in. Some people would have mentioned this right off the top but clearly I put a higher priority on not changing peed sheets in the middle of the night over entrapment hazards.

You can check out their video to see how they work too:

The quality of the sheets is really soft and sturdy so I would opt for a neutral color to last through all your kids if you plan on having more than one.

They come in crib, play yard, toddler bed, twin and twin XL sizes but, frankly, I think all sheets should be this way. My son’s double bed is tucked in the corner and he somehow manages to pop the fitted sheet off every single night and it is such a pain to wrestle it back on. Get on that, Quickzip people!

(note: they heard me and came out with sizes that now range from Twin to California King!)

They’ve inspired me to change the sheets on my bed! Ha! No, just kidding. I hate that crap – I’ll wait until they just disintegrate like usual.

Anyway, I think they are brilliant and would make a wonderful gift for any new parent. I would recommend getting the starter set, the waterproof mattress pad and two extra top sheets to be fully covered.


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