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Ready, Set, Food! - a System to Reduce the Risk of Food Allergies

By Emily Ramirez

Food allergies are on the rise.

Even in families with no previous history of food allergies, an allergy can still develop, which can make introducing these high risk foods feel like Russian Roulette. Peanuts, milk and egg make up 80% of pediatric food allergies, but figuring out a safe way to give them to your baby can be stressful.

Recent studies (LEAP, EAT and PETIT) show that the best way to reduce your child’s risk of developing a food allergy is through early and sustained introduction to the foods that are most likely to raise hell for at least 6 months (although the longer you can keep it up, the better). The latest AAP guidelines suggest parents introduce kids to allergens between 4-6 months of age, even in families with a history of allergies (after you’ve talked to your doctor). It also points out that breastmilk and hydrolyzed formula isn’t enough to prevent allergies, although breastmilk may help prevent eczema.

Okay, so early and often. That seems… hard.

If you’re a seasoned parent, this is where you snort and roll your eyes because we all know getting kids to eat the same thing (besides mac and cheese) with any kind of frequency is damn near impossible, especially when we have something important at stake. “Hmm, Ma, you seem abnormally invested in my yogurt ingestion today, so how about I never eat it again?” Sound about right?

Enter Ready, Set, Food!

Somewhere in the world a parent – who just happened to be an allergist – declared, “THERE’S GOT TO BE AN EASIER WAY!” and then did something about it.

Ready, Set, Food! allows parents to expose babies as young as 4 months of age to the most common allergens through a gentle, guided system.

How Ready Set Food works

How It Works

The system allows parents to slowly introduce the most common allergens (peanut, milk and egg) through daily supplements, added to your babe’s diet.

It’s pretty easy. Pre-measured packets can be mixed into bottles of breast milk or formula, or other food if your kiddo is already eating solids.

It takes safety seriously. The step-by-step system is based off the doses used in the three studies mentioned above. Doses start very small in the beginning, and gradually build to ensure safety and efficacy.

It follows pediatric guidelines. A 4-day waiting period is built into introducing individual allergens.

It’s all natural. Made of non-GMO, organic ingredients, with no additives or added sugars.

Ready, Set, Food! added to baby bottle

While there are certainly other ways to go about introducing your kiddo to allergens, Ready, Set, Food! is one way to make early and sustained introduction a little easier and as safe as possible. You can find the system on the Ready, Set, Food! website if you want to learn more about it.

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