Round Up – Issue 13

I’m just going to jump right in with the cool stuff I found this month.


Love this article called “Everything You Know About Sleeping Through the Night is Wrong” I wish this article had been around when I had non-sleeping infants.

“For example, “sleeping through the night” is a phrase thrown around often, but do you know what it actually refers to? Five hours. That’s it. Sleeping through the night means a five-hour stretch.”


Here’s another where-the-hell-were-you-when-I-had-a-baby services. There was nothing I found harder than writing thank-you notes after I had my kids ­– I was recovering, sleep deprived and knee deep in newborn haze. Well, now you can go to a site called, Postable, pick a thank you card, type your thank you in a handwriting font, and mail it without having to leave the house. You can check out the video and see how it works (the last line is killer.)

Best part is that the designs are really beautiful. Ugly cards really rot my ass – same with tissue box design – it cost the same to make things nice, assbadgers!

(It’s only available in the U.S. right now so we in the rest of the world still have to wearily scratch out “Blanket nice, nice. See soon.” to our relatives and friends.)



This post called “25 Historical Images That Normalize Breastfeeding” is just awesome. It just goes to show how that this uptight nonsense about nursing is a new thing. Suck on that, prudes.


Speaking of tits, I love this video from Sparrow Folk called Ruin Your Day with Tits. After all, breastfeeding women are just exhibitionists! 


This post from the Ugly Volvo called, What I Do All Day When I Am Home With The Baby, could have been written by me. Of course it would have had more spelling and grammatical errors.

“9:40 Sit on the floor and clap, hoping to teach baby to clap.  Baby will not clap.   Go online and Google, “How old babies start clapping?” and read article saying they start to do this more between 9 and 12 months. (Baby is 11 months old)”


Lastly, I found this image and thought it was so perfect. “Oh, Sam.”

Love this article from Hands Free Mama called, The Important Thing About Yelling.

She’s scared of me, I thought with the most painful realization imaginable. My six-year-old child is scared of my reaction to her innocent mistake.”

It’s such a good read that I’m sure most parents (me definitely included) can relate to about how yelling can slowly creep into our parenting.


I’ve always been a big fan of month-by-month baby photo shoots as you can see in my Pinterest Board, but I find that this one has been done exceptionally well. It’s no surprise that this adorable little man’s mom is a photographer named, Kristen Honeycutt. She’s based in Seattle so if you’re in the neighbourhood and need a good photographer, ring ‘er up.

P.S. The stuffed animal that’s in the shot is Bandit the Raccoon from bla bla kids. I’ve always been a fan of their stuff.


Someone sent me this picture and I just howled. What surprised me is how many people online were appalled that a child would be left alone long enough to do this. Really? My kids could have done something like that in five minutes. Easily.

This photo from Linden Photography proves that something can be both beautiful and accurate. She’s located in New Hampshire if you’re looking for an incredible photographer by-the-by.

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