Round Up – Issue 17

If you are looking to get all fresh and healthy this summer, check out Eating Made Easy. I’ve featured Amelia on the site before but I thought I’d mention it again because she’s been pinning some amazing recipes on her Pinterest boards and health tips on her blog.





I love this video “Reacting to my own birth”. His reaction is priceless and I love the relationship that he has with his mom.



One of my most dreaded duties as a new mother was writing thank you cards (I know, it sounds shitty but keeping track of mailing addresses and finding stamps was about the last thing I wanted to do with a newborn.) Still, I really wanted to thank people for thinking of us so I wish Paperless Press had been around then. It’s e-cards but beautiful and tasteful. You can also go the good ole printed route for friends and family that would get their knickers in a twist with a digital card.



This is such a great article called, “The Stay-at-Home Mom Conspiracy Theory” by Janie Porter.

“So I feel like stay-at-home moms have been keeping a big secret. I would almost call it a conspiracy.

Why didn’t anyone tell me it would be this hard?”


I found this article from the New York Times about what pregnant women around the world Google just fascinating (here’s the graphic too – I love the original artwork with it.)


I need to keep track of this article, “10 Things I Want to Tell My Kids Before They’re Too Cool to Listen” by Kate Bartolotta because I love it so much and I just know I’ll forget where I saw it.


If you have kids that are (or coming up on) media age – apps, movies, books, tv shows, DVDs, etc. – I highly recommend checking out Common Sense Media. They give very detailed reviews that are extremely helpful and accurate and cover ages 2 – 13+.


If you missed this What’s Up Moms video about infant CPR and choking in the newsletter, be sure to check it out here. It’s a good one!


I posted this video on Facebook after the guy that made it sent it to me. I thought it would be cheesy but I ended up bawling my eyes out from the happy feels. “Your dream came true, Bear! It fucking came true!”


Three Dog Photography

Three Dog Photography

There are many great week-by-week baby photos series, but I really thought this one from Three Dog Photography was truly exceptional.


I’m trying to find out where I can get one of these donut Lego holder things that we saw at Legoland. The people I’ve tried to contact from the location and the holding company have no idea where they came from – crop circles, Stonehenge, soft Lego donuts. So if you know where I can find one, let me know. Also, if you’re looking for a place to take the kids in Toronto (well, I guess anywhere that has them) I highly recommend it. I took the boys there (age 6 and 8 and Lego obsessed) and I actually got to sit and drink a coffee in peace while they ran around and had a blast.


How cool are these custom temporary tattoos you can have made for birth announcements from! They aren’t cheap but, man, are they neat. The whole site is bad-ass actually.


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