Snappy Pants Peep Test Review

I was compensated for my time to organize this review and the testers were given a pair of Snappy Pants to test and keep, but all the opinions (good and bad) are all our own.

When I received a pair of Snappy Pants, I thought, “These would be amazing for a Peep Test!”

They are incredibly soft and cozy and I’d never seen anything quite like it. I mean, there are sleep sacks and fleece bodysuits but there’s no hybrid that has the best of both worlds.

So 11 ladies took these out for a spin! It ended up being 11 because when I hadn’t heard from one, I picked another tester. Then both replied and I felt like a turd if I didn’t give them both Snappy Pants and thankfully, Helen from Snappy Pants was cool about it, and sent out an extra pair.

 Here’s what you thought:

Almost all the testers found them easy to use and either helpful or incredibly helpful. Only one found them ‘a little’ helpful and another one didn’t really find them that handy.

Did you find Snappy Pants helpful?

Everyone would recommend them to a friend, in fact, two testers checked my “I would tackle mothers in shopping malls to tell them about Snappy Pants!” option in the survey. That’s high praise. (said in Nicholas Cage voice.)

Would you recommend them to a friend?

One thought they were too expensive at $35 and one would have paid more. Most found them priced right or a little pricey at $35. I get that one though – stuff that isn’t mass produced overseas tends to cost more.

Here’s what some of the testers liked the most about Snappy Pants:

 “Able to use (safely) in the car seat to help keep babes warm.”

“Just snappy pants, a quick blanket on top for coverage, and go. Simple!”

 “Convenience of a “wearable blanket”. Good quality snaps. I love the versatility of the “sleeping bag” style in addition to the pants style. I love how the foot holes can snap up (no socks to lose).”

“Ease of converting from sack to pants when traveling.”

“Soft and comfy – and with wiggle room so LO can grow and still be able to use.”

“The fact that they converted from a sack to pants. Perfect when I needed to put my sleeping baby in the car seat! I also loved the soft material!”


The main suggestions for improvements:

  • a version with arms
  • lighter fabric version for the warmer months
  • two testers felt that the fuzzy fabric ‘shed’ too much (especially on her new carrier) – “I think if you used a stronger fleece or organic cotton you would nail it.”
  • one tester would have liked to have seen larger arm holes too

Overall thoughts

“I didn’t think I needed these….but now that I have them they are great. I feel safe leaving him in a crib with them on and I like that they keep him warm without too much bulk. A great piece of clothing to have for winter!”

So 10 out of the 11 testers really liked Snappy Pants. I think if you live where it gets chilly and you move around a lot car to crib, to carrier, to stroller, these would come in really handy.

If you want to check Snappy Pants out, you can head over to their site, and on Amazon.

Thank you to all of you that offered to test Snappy Pants, and a special thank you to the 11 testers that took the time to try them and give me feedback (along with some adorable pictures) so I could write this review.

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