Trade your Unwanted Gift Cards for Target Gift Cards

Trade In Your Unwanted Gift Cards for Target Gift Cards

They say it’s the thought that counts, which is almost always true, but what about when you’re given a gift card to somewhere you’ll never use? Not only is it disappointing (hey, at least I’m being honest!), it’s a waste of money for the wayward gifter who overestimated your desire for strongly scented body lotions.

Swap out your unwanted gift cards for Target gift cards.

Well hold on to your butts because you can now trade in gift cards from a ton of different stores, for a gift card to Target. The gift card must have funds on it (duh), and not every Target is participating, but the fact that this is an actual thing makes me think 2018 might be the very best year yet.

A list of participating stores can be found here, and a list of participating merchants can be found here.

Now go forth and trade-in!

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