Finding Funny Maternity T-Shirts

You know what’s hard to find when you’re pregnant? Your feet, yes, but also a half decent t-shirt.

I’ve been looking around for something that was clever but nice enough that it doesn’t look like something your Aunt Betty bought you as a gag gift.

I even found some t-shirts that have a picture of a fetus illustrated right on your belly. Personally, I find this icky. It’s like having a illustration of a colon on the bum of your pants. Still, babies are nicer than colons so maybe I’m off base with that one. Maybe it bugs me because I think it states the obvious. It would be cool if it had a picture of a fish bowl or maybe one of those globes that spin the bingo balls but a baby? No kidding.

funny maternity shirts



Anyway, I came across these guys and I like the look of them. They are called Discobelly (cool name) and they sell their t-shirts on Etsy for about $25. I totally dig the “can’t touch this” MC hammer shirt but they have some pretty flower ones too.

I am so grateful I didn’t know Etsy was around when I was pregnant or I would have been broke living in a box under a bridge surrounded by whittled wind chimes and sock monkeys. Actually, that sounds kind of fun.

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