Timehop – Revisit Your World from a Year Ago

What were you doing a year ago today? Timehop could tell you.

I got an email about this neat service that provides a daily email that tells you exactly what you were doing one year ago by compiling your social media activity – like Twitter and Facebook.

It was dreamt up by two guys at a foursquare hackathon and it totally took off (I’m going to go ahead and assume that these are the kind of guys that would know how to change the picture on my desktop.)

Now, I’m always hesitant to sign up for stuff like that because it often includes some complicated code crap and wants my personal information, but it was easy peasy and I just loved to see what kind of nuggets of brilliance *cough* I was posting last year.

Here’s a sample of one of my Timehop emails – it has the Cake Wreck post and a picture of my 16-year old cat, Little Miss Meeps, the Mouth of the South, that passed away last year >>

The first year is often a blur, so it would be cool to look back on the little milestones that happened along the way. Even in my darkest haze I always seemed able to post a little “Guess who smiled for the first time today?”, “Woohoo. Crawling!” or “Will there ever come a day that I don’t smell like vomit and Cheerios?”, whereas I can’t say the same of the giant box of stuff that will go in the scrapbook (one day, dammit!).

I just think it would be cool to see how far you’ve come from this time last year whether you’re newly pregnant, sleepless with a newborn or chasing a toddler. Plus, it makes you all organized with very little effort so you look like hot shit at Mommy and Me.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Update: These guys also released a free iPhone App. Some of the new features include:

  • Share memories with friends on Timehop and reminisce together about the best (or worst) moments in your shared past.
  • Flickr and camera roll pictures are now available on Timehop! So you can spend more time taking pictures and making memories instead of organizing them.
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