Tiny Signs Online Giveaway

Win a spot in Tiny Signs Online, a 6-week online course to teach your baby sign language. Retail value is $147 and it's open to everyone!

Discover the Fast, Easy and FUN Way to Communicate with Your Baby Using Sign Language

A baby’s ability to comprehend language develops MONTHS before their ability to speak. Using basic American Sign Language signs can bridge the gap and create a connection & communication with your little one long before he can tell you with spoken words…

Tiny Signs Online is an online course with everything you need to have to teach your baby sign language. Tiny Signs Online is a 6-week program, but designed for you to be able to go at your own speed. You can take the classes when and where you want to – even in your PJs during a sleepless night with baby. And since you have LIFETIME access you can refer back to it in the future, should you need a refresher. Maybe when your baby is a little older or when you have baby number two (or three!).

Here’s just some of what’s included with Tiny Signs Online:

  • Video Lessons where you’ll learn signing concepts in easily digestible steps.
  • Printable Weekly Lesson Guide with course content via PDF downloads so you can quickly find the tip you’re looking for.
  • Printable Dictionary with more than 100 American Sign Language signs for easy reference.
  • Video Dictionary with video demonstrations of how to sign more than 100 American Sign Language signs.
  • Live Group Q&A Webinars each month for mini-lessons and to get your questions answered.
  • Private Facebook Community for help from a supportive community of parents and the opportunity to get answers to your questions from the instructor as they come up.
  • Are you ready to connect with your baby in a whole new way? 

Win a spot in Tiny Signs Online, a 6-week online course to teach your baby sign language. Retail value is $147.

Open to everyone.

Tiny Signs Online

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