“When I have Kids I’ll Never” The Follow Up

‘Member how I had a guest post on Rants from Mommyland yesterday? Well, here are some of the “I Would Nevers” that people added that I have totally done but didn’t think to add them to my list. Awesome with hot fudge and nuts, I say!!!!

My Favourite Santa Shots

This really has nothing to do with pregnancy except that someone gave birth to each and every one of these people, plus, these Santa shots…

boobie beanie

Boobie Beanie

I came across this while scouring Etsy for something that I didn’t know that I needed. How awesome are these?!?! It’s a knitted tit…


  Okay, this site cracks me up. It’s called, and it’s a place for people to settle their everyday debates with family, friends,…