Body Image

Whether you view it as something good or bad (or a bit of both) your body changes during pregnancy and after you’ve given birth.

Here are some posts on body image whether it’s about embracing, accepting, or just having a good vent about those new squishy bits.

My Postpartum Body

My sweet little second-born is 4 months old, and you guys sometimes I just feel like a whale. This baby weight is wearing out…

mom vs swimsuit

Mom vs. Swimsuit

  Swimsuit season. Two words that definitely make me cringe when paired together. I remember as a kid and even a teenager, just throwing…

Week 20 of Pregnancy

Woohoo! Halfway point! Do a victory lap around the block! Ha, no, fuck that noise, you do what you want, you’ve earned it, honey….

Underwear Opus

  First of all, I’d like you all to know that me guest posting on Pregnant Chicken should not, in any way, be taken…

losing weight week two

Losing It – Week Two

The iceberg is moving, people. Last week I met with Lianne from Sprout Right to pick her brain about the differences between kamut and…

Losing It – Week Three

I’m in the third week. Over half way through my healthy eating and “shredaganza” but I’ve hit a wall. That whore of a wall…