Scary Shit Series

Whether it’s something we read, saw on the news, or have a personal experience with it, there is always one or two things that just haunt our damn world when we have a baby.

So I wanted to feature some of these topics, not to scare you more, but just to arm you with some of the facts, signs and precautions you can take to ease your mind – even if it’s just a little.

This also isn’t intended to step on the toes of any medical professionals, in fact, I’d like to make the roads of communication even better there. It’s so much easier to raise a concern when you know what you’re looking for rather just saying something is “off”.

I’m going to start with topics you can actually do something about instead of issues that would just be creating awareness but I’ll get to those too. Just be patient as my to-do list gets longer every day.

So hang onto the shark, grab a stick of dynamite and stay tuned for the exhilarating ride of terror.

Scary Shit Series – HELLP

We’ve previously covered preeclampsia on the blog and HELLP syndrome is a variant of that. HELLP is basically preeclampsia’s asshole, homicidal cousin. It’s pretty…