What's Your Pregnancy Craving?

What's Your Pregnancy Craving?

By Amy Morrison

Let’s talk about cravings and pregnancy. Yes, some of you spent 40 weeks gagging and hugging your toilet bowl, but many of us ate for two with gusto!

We had the opportunity to work with the nice folks over at Happy Family because they have a new line of stuff for pregnant moms called Happy Mama (available exclusively at Target).

They sent me a little care package including these Prenatal Gummies that contain Omegas, DHA, Choline (not chlorine as I first read it) and Vitamin D. You take them in addition to your prenatal vitamin – sort of like a little vitamin booster – and let me tell you something, they are delicious. It says to take three but I ate half the bottle so I’m hoping that was just a serving suggestion. They also have Fruit + Veggie pouches to counterbalance our Frosty consumption, and probiotics to help your immune system. I’m obsessed with probiotics and these ones mix with water nicely and you can’t even taste it.

I did a little research and there doesn’t seem to be any clear biological reason for most cravings. It might be driven by hormones. Or your heightened sense of taste and smell just make certain foods seem really appealing (and others repulsive).

There are theories that the cause of a craving is your body telling you it needs a specific nutrient, e.g. if you’re really craving a giant steak it may mean that you’re low in iron or need more protein. But for a lot of women cravings are things like Fruity Pebbles or salt and vinegar potato chips which, let’s face it, have no redeeming nutritional qualities.

I hopped over to Facebook and took a casual little survey of what cravings you lovely ladies had while pregnant. Here are some of my faves:

“Ballpark nachos. Waited outside Target food court until they opened once because it was the closest I could get.” – Adrian

“Pickle and bacon. With cheese. All together, like a little sandwich.” – Jessica

“Carvel soft serve vanilla ice cream. But only Carvel. Substitutes not an option. I should also mention I hadn’t had Carvel ice cream in at least 15 years before getting pregnant.” – Jocelyn

“Balsamic vinegar. I could have drank it.” – Sarah

“Pizza lunchables and apple juice.” – Jessica

“Chocolate with lemonade.” – Erin

“Hot and spicy pork rinds. Had never had them before in my life but I HAD TO HAVE THEM! They paired nicely with Skittles or ice cream.” – Jaime

“I ate an entire bowl of sauerkraut. With mustard. On more than one occasion.” – Amanda

“At one point I really wanted, no needed, shrimp cocktail, Mac and cheese, and a mango smoothie…at the same time.” – Blakeley

“McDonald’s chicken nuggets 9 piece (not the meal just the nuggets) with 2 sweet and sour sauce – one time they shorted me a nugget and I went nutty on them.” – Lisa

Bonus food: Taco Bell! Food from this particular fast food establishment was mentioned by several women, which got me thinking they have an untapped market here. Taco Bell, get on this.

OK, now out with it: what was your weirdest or most frequent pregnancy craving? Tell me the good, the bad and the ugly.

Happy Family has long been an organic baby food brand and they have now expanded into prenatal products, offering Mom and Baby easy nutrition options. The Happy Mama Prenatal collection is part of Target’s Made to Matter product collection of 31 socially responsible brands.

For more information about Happy Family, connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and visit www.happyfamilybrands.com.

For more information about the Made to Matter—Handpicked by Target product collection, connect on Facebook or Twitter, and visit www.target.com/made-to-matter.

A special thanks to the folks from Happy Family for inspiring this post and agreeing to sponsor it. All the opinions are my own and the mass consumption of Prenatal Gummies in one sitting was done under my own free will.

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