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How do I know if I’m having contractions? Was that a contraction?

You have enough to think about during pregnancy. Let Bloomlife take contractions off your mind. With the Bloomlife smart pregnancy tracker, you can see your contractions in real-time to have immediate feedback on what you are feeling. It’s a friendly second opinion to help you understand your body by giving you a better way to learn about and track contractions leading up to the big day.

Bloomlife is a clinically validated smart pregnancy tracker that expectant moms wear on their belly in the third trimester. It automatically tracks and counts contractions by safely measuring the electrical activity of the uterus to allow moms to see contractions tracked on a simple smartphone app. The Bloomlife sensor works through passive “listening” and does not emit any waves into the body. Bloomlife moms say that it provides them with peace of mind and helps them make more confident decisions.

“Every woman is different. Every pregnancy is different. I was experiencing early contractions and Bloomlife provided a second opinion and a way to better track what I was feeling. Having it by my side was so valuable for my peace of mind.” Kate, 3rd time mom.

The Bloomlife Smart Pregnancy Tracker won the National Parenting Product Award. The company was also recognized by Richard Branson as a world changing technology when they took home the top prize at the Extreme Tech Challenge. The Bloomlife mission spans from helping each mom have her best pregnancy to helping improve the health of moms and babies and revolutionize prenatal care worldwide. To this end, Bloomlife has an established partnership with the University of California San Francisco’s Preterm Birth Initiative to provide better researchers with better data to reduce preterm birth.

Get Bloomlife and get better information for your pregnancy.
Not pregnant? Bloomlife makes a great mommy shower gift!


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