Woohoo! Kandoo!

It makes me laugh at what I get excited over these days. Kandoo sent me a giant box of their stuff and you would have sworn that it was filled with coke and diamonds from my reaction.

Look at this! Wipes, hand soap, bubble bath! Woohoo!!

Look at this! Wipes, hand soap, bubble bath! Woohoo!!

As many of you know, I’m a bit of a hypocritical hippy. I like to make my own cleansers, insect repellants, deodorant, etc. until it doesn’t work then it’s all “sorry bees and polar bears I need something that was banned in 48 States to get rid of these ants.”

Thankfully I find Kandoo products are pretty good. The soaps don’t contain sodium laurel sulfate or parabens, the packaging designs are smart and fun (the soaps are wide at the bottom so they are less likely to tip over) and my kids love them  – and will therefore use them unlike the Joan Biez hippy plant extract soap I bought from Whole Foods that smelled like grass clippings and wet dog.

I also found two new goodies that I hadn’t seen before: the Boogie Wipes and the Boogie Mist.

Snot busting duo Snot busting duo

The Boogie Wipes are saline wipes that are a little less “wet” than a baby wipe so they do a great job of getting at that crusty, gummy snot that kids get when they have a cold. ::shudder:: They sent me the Fresh Scent version but I would probably go for the unscented. They also have Grape Scent which is brilliant because my kids would probably dig the idea which means I could get a good run at wiping their noses.

Now the Boogie Mist is really smart. You know when your kids get congested and they can’t blow their nose but it’s too gummy to suck it out with a Nose Frida or Aspirator? This saline stuff gently sprays up in there so you can break down the gunk.

I fully appreciate that this is gross. My pre-kid self would be disgusted by this conversation but if you have a kid that is cranky, congested and can’t breath or sleep, this is pretty exciting stuff.

Personally, I don’t know if I could sell my older son on this. I tried it and it doesn’t hurt but it feels a little weird if you’re not used to it. It certainly works though – and my younger son wouldn’t care – so just know your kid before you come at them with this.

One of the other products worth mentioning is the Flushable Wipes.


::whispers:: “I wipe poop”

I was wrongly under the impression that once we got over that toilet training hurdle I was home free. Well, sort of because wiping your bum is kind of hard and just because you poop on your own, doesn’t really mean you can clean it up on your own. I’m sure many of us can appreciate that moment at a dinner party when you hear “Mom, come wipe my bum!!” bellowed from the bathroom. It’s charming while you excuse yourself from serving salad. Even better when you come back to pass around the bread rolls.

You will still be an ass wiper for a while but these really do help with the transition. They are thinner than a baby wipe but just have enough moisture to get the job done. Plus, they look okay on the back of the toilet – they whisper instead of scream, “I wipe poop.”

I’m sorry, can I cover more bodily fluids here? All they need to come out with now is a grape scented vomit pad to whip out just as your kid says, “Mommy I feel weird” when you have the book club over.

Anyway, I’m going to see if I can talk them into doing a giveaway for you guys because I love this stuff and you need to wipe and loosen snot, wipe bums, and wash kid bits just as much as I do. So what stuff from Kandoo do you need and like?

Hopefully you’ll be just as excited I am to see a box of Kandoo instead of coke and diamonds. I still don’t know who to call for that.

While you appreciate the soap, also notice how clean my faucet is. It's never like that.

While you appreciate the soap, also notice how clean my faucet is. It’s never like that.

I was compensated with a giant box of awesome products and for my time but all of these opinions are my own. I don’t tell you about stuff I don’t like.

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