Year of the Rabbit Gifts

Okay, so I’m a little slow on the uptake on this one, but I just realized that it’s the year of the rabbit which means you could buy really cool rabbit stuff for any baby born before January 23, 2012.

Of course I hit Etsy with a vengeance. A VENGEANCE, I tell you!

I found some stuff for baby, for keepsakes, for Mom and of course for the dog and freaky idiots like me.

Check it out:


Peek a Boo Print $17 So pretty and not too baby’ish.



Star Gazing Art Print $25 I’m such a sucker for watercolours.



Hip Hop Happy Bunny Necklace $33 This is a nice gift for mom. You know, along with a nanny and a diamond.



Rabbit Piggy Bank $17.96 I like that this is clean and simple and wouldn’t look goofy in your room as you grow up.



Bunny Ring $40 Could symbolize Year-of-the-Rabbit or crazy Alice-in-Wonderland-acid-trip, and for that, I love it.



Paper Cut $35 This is like a little block that you can mount on the wall or put on a shelf. Kewl.



The Cutest Bunny $32 Every kid needs an awesome bunny, dammit.


Lucky Rabbit Postcards (set of 5) $8 Is it the Spanish? Is it the woodcut carrot motif? I don’t know, but to this I say, “si”.



Sock Bunny – Mopsy $20 You better buy two of these because I can see you having to drive 2 hours to pick this thing up from where it was accidentally left behind and your kid won’t sleep without it.



Limited Edition Giclee Drawing $15 Sweet, yummy and full of baby bunny goodness.



Sterling Silver Bunny Necklace $23 Nice, simple and classy. (You know, like me and white linen)



Hop Along Print $16 Git along little bunny. Technically I think this is a jackrabbit but I dare you not to love it.



Bunny Baby Hat $30 Hat. Baby. Meeehmeeeeehhh. Can’t. take. it.



Mr. O’Malley the Rabbit Felted Wool Figure $28 Why hello Mr. O’Malley. Can I interest you in joining me for a Guinness?



Handmade Bunny Jar $18 Awesome for little cotton balls, trinkets or jelly beans – the Po Po would never think to look in there.



Upcycled Tweed Baby Hare – Channing $29 I love Channing. This is similar to how I look when I watch True Blood.



Dog Hat $16 Come. On. These hats are made to order. I think I would adopt animals just so they could wear these hats.



Pat the Bunny $10 Of course, this isn’t from Etsy but it is an awesome bunny book if you wanted a useful bunny gift.



I Am a Bunny $6 Possibly the best children’s book ever written. I love this book. I give it to every person I know that is having a baby. Seriously, get this book.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So there you have it. Cool stuff, eh?

Now I’m off to find dragon gifts for next year.

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  • I could recite Peter Rabbit by heart, and as I read the stories to my own children, I think they could also remember- "Once upon a time there were four little rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter" These are the famous opening lines of the Tale Of Peter Rabbit. I was given this book as a Christening gift, and I also received a Peter Rabbit mug as a Christening gift. I still have the mug and book all these years later. My own children were also given Peter Rabbit Christening gifts, which have also survived until now. These included a money box and a Christening set of mug, bowl and plate. All the Peter Rabbit china gifts were made by Wedgwood, and were top quality and lasted really well in top condition.

  • It is said that rabbits are born under a lucky sign. They are excellent judges of temperament and are very difficult to mislead as well. Rabbits are introverts and like to interact and work together in a group.

  • Funny comment on the hip hop happy necklace. Except in my case, I'd replace "diamond" with "full-time maid." Yeah, that's good.

  • Must. Have. Tiny. Mr. O'Malley! Never in my life have I seen something that adorable.

    I would also totally wear the tiny sterling silver bunny necklace. I wish my kid was born in the year of the rabbit. Too freaking cute.

  • I love the book "I am a Bunny". My nephew who is now 19 had this book, and he bought a new copy for my son for his first birthday last year. Timeless read. 😉

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