Pediatrician of 30 Years Shows How He Calms a Crying Baby

I have no doubt this would work on me. I have no idea about babies.

I just saw this posted on Facebook and just had share it here so I wouldn’t lose track of it. I love this technique and would love to know if it works on your baby – I’m pretty sure it would work on me, but I have a feeling that would be difficult and/or weird to find out.

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  • In the hospital my L&D Nurse showed me how to swaddle the baby and hold her upside down kinda in a football hold and swing her front to back, makes a newborn feel like they are really back in the womb because they are upside down and it feels like mommy is just walking around.

  • I wish… my little guy just gets more mad if we try this. He is very much against anything involving his arms being bound up.

  • I used this technique on my children 30 years ago and now on my colicky grand everytime! There are however exceptions…dirty diaper..hungry..etc.

  • Another very effective, simple and quick method to calm down a crying (healthy and well-fed) baby is to tightly swaddle the baby in a blanket or large cloth diaper, with the arms down against the baby’s chest and the legs unable to kick wildly, both constrained by the blanket. Basically this prevents the Moro reflex in crying newborns and young infants and interrupts the self-arousal that occurs when babies have a crying fit. This method is well-known and practiced by mothers in many cultures around the world. (I couldn’t watch the video because it was blocked by my Mac). Roswitha Moehring,M.D. (pediatrician).

  • He refers to the second baby as a "good" baby because he calms easily. That implies that there are "bad" babies. I think it would be better to say that some babies are "easier" babies and some are "more challenging". I do like his calming technique.

  • Amy, I believe you’d fall into the "baby is too heavy to hold in this way" he mentions at the end ;-). Of course, if you find someone big enough to try it on you, let us know, because we can make that person a giant ring sling and he can snuggle grownups in it. It might help my husband with his raging case of ring-sling envy (every time I have a baby in there I hear the wistful "They look so comfy…").

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