Third Trimester Bingo

When Leilah Mooney Joseph (a FTM who was 33 weeks pregnant in Washington DC in August) tweeted me this Third Trimester Bingo I just howled.

I’m pretty sure I would have had a full card by week 27 but who’s to say.

If you want to print one off to stick on your door, here’s a pdf you can use.


contributed by Leilah Mooney Joseph contributed by Leilah Mooney Joseph

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  • I am really tempted to hang this at my desk and place stickers all day without saying what I’m doing and why. lol. This is brilliant!

  • I was basically miserable my whole pregnancy and every phrase would send me (internally) over the rails. You hear each question 20 times, sometimes in the same week from the same person. Now having been through pregnancy, I see every pregnant woman as a goddess who you don’t tempt to wrath with questions – unless it’s something like “I have a free massage I’m not going to use, would you like it?”

  • i don’t think I had anyone ask if they could touch my belly first, I snapped at a few people for tying, I hate strangers touching me when im feeling good, do you think I want them to do it when my back hurts/always need to pee/cant remember if I have toes lol

  • [email protected] says:

    You forgot "Are you sure you’re only having the one?"

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