9 Birth Announcement Holiday Cards

Let me start by saying, I love Minted. They have the most beautiful cards, fabric, artwork; you name it. Everything about the quality and design makes my graphic designer heart sing like Julie Andrews on the top of the Alps.

I fell in love with these Birth Announcement Holiday Cards because two-birds-with-one-stone is one of my favourite idioms (along with Bob’s your uncle) and you’re going to knock the socks off of anybody that receives one.

These are my favourites:


Aren’t they beautiful? As for me, I’m thinking of ordering this one for my cards this time but that all depends on the family photo goat rodeo that I insist on every year. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  • Great minds think alike:) Baby #2 arrived in November, and I just ordered our holiday card/birth announcements earlier this month. I went for this Tiny Prints design – http://www.tinyprints.com/product/52898/wintergirlbirthannouncementssparkling_welcome.html#color/02/pid/52898/paper/2 – but I love the Minted ones above too. And here’s a way to save even more money with this approach: Write gift thank yous on the back of the cards:)

  • Hi Amy,
    These announcements are so cute. While they are all Christmas themed and the coupon code is for this December I cannot jump on this deal. However, It is giving me ideas for next year once my baby is actually here.

  • Hi Amy,

    Your timing was great as I was about to order some Christmas gifts off of Minted, however, it doesn’t seem to recognize the promotion code. Did I miss the boat already?

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