The Easiest, Fastest Way to Create a Baby Registry

I think registering for baby stuff is really fun. So it really breaks my heart when someone tells me they dread it because they are overwhelmed, or worried about registering for crap they won’t need (or both).



One of the problems with a typical registry (online or in-store) is that they try to get you to register for a ton of stuff – the more you register for, the more they sell. Hey, there’s no shame in this if they are dealing with a seasoned mom that knows that she personally won’t use a wipe warmer, but for a first time parent, it’s harder to navigate and can be a little daunting to say the least. Plus, these registries are a catch-all – a frugal family in Vancouver is going to have a different registry than a loaded family in Florida.

Obviously the solution to this is easy; I’ll just come and register for you! We’ll go online and I just tell you what to get – please have an ample supply of Diet Snapple available.

Okay, so maybe that’s not the most practical solution, but I have the next best thing – BabyList’s Registry Checklist. You answer a series of simple questions, and it provides you with a bunch of suggestions for a full registry.

I did the test a few times: once I was thrifty mom that planned on bottle-feeding and cloth diapering. Another time I was a big time spender that was planning on breastfeeding and had multiple vehicles. Another time I was willing to splurge on big stuff, but wanted to be a little more cost effective on the other gear (I like to think I was a small town girl that married her high school sweetheart in this scenario. His name is Beau or Blake and we own horses).

Each time the registry checklist hit the nail on the head and I was given an appropriate registry that would have totally met all my needs. You can add any, all, or none of the items, but it gives you a really nice scaffolding to build on.


Not only did I have a ready-made registry, I could add anything else I wanted from anywhere on the web. Want to add housecleaning services? No problem. Want to add a personalized wooden puzzle from Etsy? Easy. Want to add a gift certificate from your local restaurant, samurai sword and a case of tequila ? Done. You can check out my kick-ass registry here.

If it’s online, you can register for it.

Registering for your baby should be a fun, exciting experience and not a chore that’s dreaded, so give it a whirl and let me know what you think! It’s completely free and you don’t have to create a registry if you don’t want to.

You can also find them on the BabyList website or download their app if you’re on an Apple device (Android is coming soon).

I’ll be sippin’ lemonade on the porch registering for these onesies with my fake husband, Beau. He’s real cute, but ain’t got the good sense God gave a rock. Bless his heart.

This is a sponsored post but you know I won’t tell you about stuff I don’t like. Right?

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  • I am being thrown a baby shower for our second child, a girl (we already have a boy) and need to come up with a new registry and I thought that it was really interesting that no where on the quiz did it ask if you had any other children…it just assumes that if you are taking the quiz, you are doing the whole baby thing for the first time…

  • I was pretty impressed with this, but in some ways it is a lot like the typical advice offered and I think still encourages you to buy a lot of stuff you don’t need. I really don’t think a portable play yard, bouncer, play yard sheet and play mat ("for tummy time"–how about just use a blanket? Yeesh) are all necessary to get. Nor is a white noise machine. On the other hand, it really underestimated how many clothes and cloth diapers you would need-only a few outfits and 24 prefold diapers? It is a cool service but you wouldn’t want it to be your only resource as a first time parent.

  • Wow. Scary accurate! I’ve already started my registry, but I took the quiz for funsies. It nailed our exact baby carrier, car seat, cloth diaper covers, high chair and nasal cleaner thingie. Pretty impressive!

  • Lol. The last few sentences are golden! I live in the South, and I kid you not – my mother-in-law is known to say, "Bless his pea-pickin’ little heart!" It’s pretty hilarious!

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