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If you haven’t already watched The Business of Being Born, then you may not know what all the buzz is about with the new release of More Business of Being Born.

A few people told me to watch the first movie a while ago and I have to admit I dragged my feet a bit. I’m not a big fan of documentaries because you can’t unwatch horrible shit and I didn’t want to see bad things happen to babies. Plus, I considered the medical system my only birthing option when I was pregnant and I didn’t want that ruined. If truth be told, I’m a little bit of an ostrich that way.

Thankfully, I did suck it up and watch it and it was amazing. It’s not graphic or creepy but merely points out how we give birth in North America came to be and how that may not be the only, or even best way. I came away feeling enlightened and much more “fuck yeah” about the way a woman’s body is made to give birth whether you are at home or within arms reach of the machine that goes ‘ping’.

So when I got an email asking me if I’d like to watch More Business of Being Born (or Being Born with a Vengeance! if it was in the Die Hard series), I jumped at the chance.

The series is broken down into 4 DVDs. Each dealing with a different aspect of birth.

The first DVD is Down on the Farm: Conversations with Legendary Midwife Ina May Gaskin. Now as far as I’m concerned, Ina May Gaskin in the Obi Wan Kenobi of midwifery and she is the kind of person that anyone would want around while giving birth. She’s kind, brilliant, articulate and knows everything about birthin’ babies and is one of the main reasons that people are starting to realize what a valuable resource midwives are.

The DVD features The Farm Community in Tennessee and introduces us to a number of wonderful women that are skilled in the art of helping women bring babies into the world. They talk about some of their techniques, the history behind what they do, and give us just a glimmer of their unbelievable wisdom.

I loved everything about this DVD except for two things: One, there was some talk about ultrasounds, pitocin, epidurals and the combination of them playing a part in the cause of autism. As you know this is very close to home for me, and while I think it was a VERY valid observation made by the midwife, I don’t think that kind of speculation should be put in the film. Not. Fucking. Cool.

Secondly, at the end of the DVD they featured the Safe Motherhood Quilt which featured the names of women that died due to complications from hospital births. Again, I think this is a very lovely idea and noble endeavour but for any woman watching that has to have a hospital birth because of a high risk pregnancy, this might be really scary and I don’t think that’s helpful. Considering the audience that this movie will probably attract, I thought both were irresponsible editing decisions.

Still, the brilliance of the Lady Garden Goddess, Ina May Gaskin, far outweighed those two glitches and I think it gives wonderful insight into the world of midwives.


The second DVD is Special Deliveries: Celebrity Mothers Talk Straight on Birth. All I could think of before watching this one is, “Great. I get to hear all about Gisele Bundchen’s birth and how she’s better than me on another 18 levels.”

I mean, why would I care how celebrities gave birth? You know why, because it gave me context. Sure, I don’t *know* these women but I do know *of* them so it made it that much more applicable to me. By the end I was thinking, “If Sabrina the Teenage Witch can give birth naturally, I bet I could too.” and that is saying something. All the women had great, honest stories that were the real deal. None of this “there was no pain and it was only magical” horseshit.

I really loved Alanis Morissette’s birth story (even though there was an entire sentence she said that I had to Google) because it was humble and honest and awesome and that surprised me. I also realized that Gisele Bundchen isn’t 18 levels better than me, she’s about 82 levels better than me because she’s pure and calm and that kind of South American wise that makes me feel like a greasy Oompa Loompa. I’d like to curl up at her feet and stare at her adoringly (then secretly fois gois butter down her throat while she slept to pack on some pounds – that kind of thin, beautiful and nice just can’t happen. I’m sorry.)

This DVD was awesome and even if you don’t plan on having a natural home birth, I think it gives you a great feeling of “Yeah, but I could if I wanted to” and that’s the kind of perspective we could all use.

[Side note: almost everyone in the second DVD seemed to be wearing the same awesome gold hoop earrings. Now I need a pair.]


The third DVD is Explore Your Options: Doulas, Birth Centers & C-Sections. This DVD is chalked full of incredible information and I totally could have used this back when I thought the difference between a midwife and a doula was someone who yelled “push” and someone in birkenstocks who didn’t wear deodorant (I won’t tell you which I thought was which).

I did feel they got a little heavy in the c-section portion at times, but maybe you do have to spark a little fire to get the pendulum to swing back to center. Some of the statistics in this are unbelievable and I found it to be a real eye opener. Even if you have a scheduled c-section booked, I think it’s a great insight to what’s up with them.


The fourth DVD is The VBAC Dilemma: What Your Options Really Are. Seeing as I was talked into a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) by my doctor, it just blows my mind that there are places that won’t actually let you try a VBAC. So this DVD really helps wade through the myths and the facts about VBACs. Handy tips like, will your uterus actually blow apart like a Go Diego Go piñata as many of the medical professionals imply. The madness in this video makes want to kick down a door and piss in an office plant like an angry feral cat. It really never does cease to amaze me how people can dictate the way you get a person out of you.


All in all, I really can’t express how comprehensive and valuable these DVDs are. Save your Thursday nights and just watch these instead of going to pre-natal class (if you’re like me, you’re just sizing up who had gained more weight than you instead of watching the acid-wash birth movie from 1982 anyway).

Even if you know exactly how you want to give birth, it’s such a great way to really get a holistic picture of what’s out there. There was just so much that I had never given much thought to when I was pregnant as I kind of clicked into auto-pilot because I was treading in an area where I didn’t have much experience. I didn’t feel like it was the time to venture out and wanted “the most common way” women gave birth because I thought that translated into the safest way for me and my baby which isn’t always the case. In fact, I now know that the only knowledge I really had at the time were the horror stories people had told me and movie birth – you know, when she’s screaming in a hospital then grabs someone by the shirt and yells, “Get this baby out of me!”. Hugh Grant is often involved.

Anyway, I have no rating system so I give it 10 hell yeahs and fuckin’ eh! Which is pretty damn good.

Best part is if you leave a comment below, you will be entered to win a digital download for each of the DVDs. I’ll draw a winner next Tuesday (December 20th) because I was late posting today.

Good luck and please let me know what you think of the movie when you watch it. Here’s the link again,, cuz I’m pushy like that.


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  • My husband and I just watched "The Business of Being Born." Although it can be biased at times (as documentaries are) and perpetuate this OB vs. midwife scenario, I found it extremely moving. So much so that the next day I made an appointment with the midwives at my local hospital. I am so fortunate that the OB and midwife practice is seamless at my local hospital but I thought to myself after watching, "if everything is going smoothly so far lets opt for the least amount of medical intervention until necessary."

    Also, thank you, Pregnant Chicken for you insightful, witty and real posts. I love your blog and appreciate your sense of humor about a process that can be over analyzed and often really overwhelming considering woman have been doing this shit for centuries 🙂

  • I wished I would have watched The Business of Being Born, before I had my son. Now I am more informed and excited that there is more to watch!

  • Too bad I missed your drawing, but I am so stoked about this series coming out. Love anything that educates women about their bodies and their rights to them. I watched the first and it actually opened my eyes to other areas of the medical profession that probably need to take a step back and remember that we are people and we DO have rights to information. Not that doctors are not needed and highly valuable people, they just need to not lose sight of why they are being called upon to begin with. Thanks so much for the review!!

  • I just stumbleupon'd this blog (love the name!) and am saving from seeing just this first page. 🙂 I've seen the Business of Being Born before, and now that I'm pregnant certainly plan to watch it again. I've never heard of the other DVDs though, and just checked Netflix and my local library to no avail. Though I work in a hospital, I lean heavily holistic…so am very interested finding out more about the follow ups. Thanks!

  • Just found out I was pregnant – love your site. I want a natural birth, thanks for all your great info will keep following!

  • I watched the first one with my husband when I was expecting #1 and it totally sold him on the idea of midwifery. He's more pro-midwife than I am now! Looking forward to #2 now…(baby and movie!)

  • I don't think it posted my 1st comment, so sign me up! Can't wait to see it. The 1st changed my life!!!

  • I just gave birth to my second daughter on Monday and got to have the "natural" (ie: drug-free) birth that I wanted with my first but didn't get. I'd love to get to watch these movies, because while I've heard they're awesome…I haven't gotten to watch them yet!

  • I'd love to watch the series! As a first time mom I'm trying to find out everything I can before having my little one!

  • I am a labor and delivery nurse who encounters women daily who neither educate themselves about birth nor trust their bodies to do what is needed. I believe in birth, but know that the general public needs education. Love to see the work Rikki and her group are doing!

  • I watched BOBB, and have encouraged every prego I know to watch too! It really helped cement my decision that using a midwife and my crunchy granola birth center was the way to go for me. I don't think it's for everyone, but I feel sad when I hear a horrible birth story where the mother was traumatized, and didn't even know she had another option other than an OB and the hospital. Thank you Ricki Lake!!!

  • I would love to see this! I just gave birth three weeks ago, all natural and with a midwife so it's nice and fresh in my mind. 🙂

  • My husband and I watched the original a few days after I found out I was pregnant and it really influenced our plans for childbirth. I'd love to see the more in-depth version!

  • I'd LOVE the opportunities to sit down w/ my husband and watch these DVDs. Face it, he's not reading a book so my only hope to clue him in is w/ a movie! 🙂

  • I'd love to watch these! The Business of Being Born completely changed the way I think about birth, and even made me consider becoming a midwife.

  • I saw the first film and it really got me to actually thinking about how I wanted my labor & delivery to go and what my options really are. I would love to see the next installments!

  • I would love this! This is my first and I am torn between a hospital birth and a water birth. I really want a water birth, but I am scared, and like you said, a little uneasy to do anything different than the traditional (at least in the US anyways) method of hospital births.

  • Loved the first one — was actually scared to watch it because we had just found out I was pregnant for the first time. Really, it was lovely. It convinced me that I COULD do this birth thing… no matter what route I went regarding medical intervention. Fingers crossed in the digital downloads!

  • I would LOVE to see the second series. I watched the first BBB prior to even considering getting pregnant but as soon as I saw it, I knew if I were to have children, this would be the way we would go. And indeed we did! Our daughter was born at our home with a midwife 8 months ago. It was one of the most interesting and exhilirating experiences in my lifetime. I wish more women would have faith in their own bodies and make home-births more prevalent in the US. Please include me in the drawing!

  • Definitely interested in seeing these! BOBB really opened my eyes to all the options that are available. It's great to be informed 🙂

  • These would be so interesting, and it sounds like the first DVD would be also. I admit to being a coward, which is why two hospital births with doctors were the direction I went. And after my first had trouble breathing was in NICU for a week on suspection of infection–which he ended up not having, BTW, but better safe than sorry–I was very thankful to have made that decision.

    Still, the allure of a natural/home/midwife-attended birth is very strong to me!

  • I watched the first one with my first pregnancy. I'd be interested to "brush up" with these ones. I used a doula with my first pregnancy and will be doing so again, but have to say that most people (and even spell check) don't know what a doula is.

  • I would love to check out these dvds. I just had my third baby in October, and with this pregnancy I finally understood why women would want to consider the midwife route vs the doctor route. My last trimester I went to more ultrasounds and specialists then my first two pregnancies combined. All of this stress and worry and talk of "you need a c-section" just to show all the doctors up and deliver a 9lb perfectly healthy baby boy with out so much as a tylenol. I am going to check out these movies. Thanks!

  • Thanks so much for that run down. I had just heard about the newest releases and was wondering how they compared to the first. Your review is really helpful.

  • I would loooove a copy. I'm preggo with my first and I vacillate back and forth between "Holy crap, the hibiscus in my tea will cause uterine contractions and miscarriage" to "All I really need is to sniff gasoline right now". I saw the first Business of Being Born and thought it was great, which is one reason I'll probably have a doula, though my husband is not cool with the home birth thing. I think his ostensible concern for my safety is actually a cover up for his concern that he'd have to clean out the bathtub. Love your blog so so much!

  • Please include me in the draw, i'd love to see this series! I had a really wonderful experience with my baby girl – a water birth in a birth centre near us (in Australia). For me, labour was a truly singular experience. I couldn't describe it in words. I'm glad I got to be 'present' and let my body take over. My midwives (we had a student midwife along for the ride) were great throughout the pregnancy and labour. They helped me build the confidence that my body and baby could do this. I wish more women could go into labour with hope and excitement rather than fear.
    And thanks pregnant chicken for keeping me smiling throughout my pregnancy!

  • I saw the first movie before I had my first child and it was super informative. Now, I have a different perspective (we ended up doing a c-section) so I'm curious to compare the two movies. Hope I win! 🙂

  • i'm a midwife in Ontario. I saw the Business of Being Born 3 years ago, and had no idea there was a sequel. Thanks for letting me know about it, and for posting such a humorous review! Cheers.

  • i am due at the end of january (six weeks, yikes) and after watching "the business of being born" i made the switch from my intervention-happy ob to midwives who deliver at the same hospital near me. i'd been thinking about it but the film did it. and now i really really really want to see "more" before my own birth story in a few weeks!!

  • I *loved* the first documentary! That movie is what made me jump-start my career as a doula and helped me have a successful home birth of my sweet baby girl six weeks ago!

  • I'd love to win these — the first movie changed the way I think about the birthing process and I can't wait to see the next installment!

  • I'd love to see all of these DVD's! My #3 is due in early March…Would be very interesting to get some additional birthing ideas!

  • Enjoyed the first. After planning for natural on on first child and ending up with a healthy baby via emergency C-section, I'm very interested in the VBAC disc.

  • I've been saving my money cause I want to buy the mother load package. Then I want to have a get together at my house with my prego friends and watch it!!! Screw it I'm going to have my husband buy it for me for xmas cause after your awesome review I want it right now!!!

  • I'm due to give birth mid-February and made the choice to bypass all prenatal classes. I've read a bunch of great books, toured some hospitals and spoke honestly with close friends about their births. I feel incredibly confident in my choice along with my decision to attempt a natural birth. My body was designed to do this and I need to trust it. All that being said, I'm truly intrigued by this DVD series. This is the first time I've heard of it but would love to get my hands on a copy for not only myself but my husband to watch. I've explained many things related to birth to him, but bless his heart, like most men, he's visual. Perhaps watching Gisele Bundchen tell her birth story will make it click for him!

  • Husband and I are working on our very first. I would LOVE to have more information about all my birthing options. Better yet, be able to watch the DVDs together so we can be on the same page and make the best decision for the three of us! Fingers Crossed.

  • I absolutely loved the first one and am so glad they have another collection of stories out. This topic is just so important. Pregnancy isn't a disease process and it isn't something where you live your life on a checklist (unless you'd like to risk being called that most heinous of insults, a 'bad mother'). Thank you for sharing this!

  • I loved the first one and can't wait to watch this set as well! The Business of Being Born solidified the way that I wanted my daughter's birth process to go (even though it would be a hospital birth) and I did end up having an AMAZING birth! Did I end up having an epidural rather than au natural? Sure. But, I felt as though I had a choice and no pressure.

    Now I'm expecting number two and look forward to this birth with just as much excitement. I have a friend who had to have a c-section due to complications with her first and she is actually excited for the second one (due 2 weeks before me). She wants absolutely nothing to do with labor and shudders at the idea of a vbac. I am hoping that she'll watch one (or both) of these documentaries.

  • What an awesome giveaway! I LOVED the first one and can't wait to see this next one. Would love to win this, thank you!!

  • I just requested the first movie from my library and hope to see it before this baby(3rd) arrives…due in 10 days. I'd love to see the first and fourth parts of the second series. I'm trying for my 2nd vbac and read Ina May's 2nd + 3rd books to prep. Very inspiring and empowering.

  • I loved the first movie and would absolutely love the rest of them! Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  • yes, please! loved the first one and really felt empowered as a woman and gave me a lot of extra courage to go without the epidural with my son. can't wait to see the new episodes.

  • I was really intrigued by the first film (then ended up having a high risk pregnancy complete with pre-eclampsia, a C-section, and a late-term-preemie baby! So, I clearly wasn't a candidate for anything displayed in the video!) and would love to see the second!

  • I loved the first film and it was the only thing that made me less terrified of going into labor with my first baby….

  • OH MY, YES! The first movie changed my outlook completely. I had no idea about home births, midwifes, and doulas before I watched it, nor did I think to doubt the hospitals.

    The movie opened my eyes, and a week after watching it, I told my husband I wanted a home birth. Of course, in his mind that mean me squatting on the floor and him 'catching' the baby. He freaked. So, I made him watch it. 🙂

    With him on board, I called midwives and set about planning a home birth. Having a midwife for all my prenatal care was absolutely amazing and I'm so very glad I did it. Unfortunately, I had pre-eclampsia and ended up in the hospital for my son's birth, but my eyes have been opened.

    Of course, I would love to win your giveaway, but I'm so excited to hear about the next installment that I'll go and hunt it down if I don't win! 🙂 Thanks for wonderful review!

  • I saw the first documentary just before giving birth to my second daughter via a VBAC. It made me all the more proud to be a woman and to fight for what is best for me and my baby – and thank God I had a doctor (and facility) willing to perform one. I would LOVE to see the insight in these next 4 sections.

  • Thanks for this post… I recently watched the first documentary on Netflix, and hadn't heard there was a new one.

  • I love your review, so thanks for posting. I haven't seen any of the DVDs yet, probably because I'm too cheap to buy them, but also because I feel abused by the birth industry—on both sides. Meanwhile, I am having another child in a couple of months!

  • I loved the first video! I have turned more and more "crunchy" since I had my first daughter 6 years ago as I learn more about different topics, like birth, food, and vaccinations. I would love to watch this movie!

  • I LOVE The Business of Being Born. It is actually one of the many reasons we are deciding to have a natural birth, although we are going to a birthing center (our apartment is so small I'm pretty sure the midwife would have to be sitting in my lap during the delivery and that would just be awkward). While I enjoyed the first documentary as far as the autism comment goes, I think that is just one of those arguments where something people fear is increased, and it is therefore linked to an increase of something I'm against. Hitler did it to the Jews, I do this to broccoli and physics homework. It's an effective form of arguments unless you've done the research. I have an autistic brother, he's by far my favorite brother because it's a much simpler relationship. (Don't tell the others that).

  • BOBB was amazing and key in my plan to birth at home. I knew I wanted a homebirth, and after watching this with me, my husband had a better understanding of why. I got my crazy-fantastic homebirth with a homebirth midwife, and it was empowering! I know what you mean about how kick-ass our bodies really are! It's true! Anyway, I would LOVE to get my hands on this! I am a total birth junky, and Ina May freaking rocks. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • I love documentaries and this one is one of my favorites. I live in an area without a lot of birthing options and this really made me nervous about my future birthing experience. I am glad that more women are beginning to have options other than the induction/c-section cycle.

  • that is such a wicked giveaway. i watched the first "business of being born" because my chiropractor was sort of like my mentor during my pregnancy and she had three home water births and was such a huge advocate for BBB and made me watch it, and is hosting a MBBB video party in jan (hellz yeahh!)…and even though i couldn't get a midwife i did manage to find a doc who was pretty much like shit, yes, we will do everything we can and even pretend ina may is in the delivery room if you want. i definitely think that the first vid empowered me to stand up to the hospital staff and let them know that i was able to have a say in the whole matter…even though i was pretty naive about the whole birth plan etc…cause really, when you're going through contractions without any drugs you'Re pretty much useless and not about to go shouting orders to the nurses about how you don't want them to hook you up to an IV bag, or that you want to roll around moaning on a birthing ball, instead of lying on your side, but i survived. the peanut came out in one piece and she didn't have to be vacuumed or pulled out of me.
    i think the bottom line with movies like this though is that they're trying to touch on an opposite extreme of what we portray birth to be in north america (and know only because we watch hours of "i can't believe i didn't know i was pregnant" and "a baby story" while we wait to go into labour ourselves….so it's best to just take everything with a grain of salt and not be too persuaded by either side…medical or midwife…
    and that was a huge rant. i will stop now! (talking about this sort of thing is like opening a can of worms. it really is)

  • Sounds interesting! I already gave birth to my little munchkin but would still like to watch – maybe for the next one if that applies someday…

  • I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Watching the first movie completely changed my way of thinking about how things should be for birthing mothers and helped us decide that an HVAC was for us this time around. 🙂

  • So great to read your reviews! I loved the first movie, too, and look forward to seeing this series of 4. Thanks for another awesome post.

  • Let me just start this off by saying how awesomly-rad you are. I patiently wait each day for my facebook to tell me you have posted something new and witty in the -why-can't-you-be-more-like-your-older-brother? mom voice. Hubs and I have just started trying and it seems like everywhere I turn there is info about this and that and the other and jesus just push the damn kid out and call it a day! I would love to see a video like this that laid out real options without making me feel like a baboon's ass for thinking that I'd like to give birth via option A even though option D-squared is all the rage. Seriously though, you are awesomely-rad.

  • I love your honest, straightforward and humorous approach to life! Its very similar to how I teach my classes!

    I can't wait to watch these videos!

    (Would love to get your take on my brand new approach to prenatal classes – check it out on my page! We are opening in 4 weeks – and always love to get good, knowledgeable, real feedback!)

  • I would absolutly love to see this. I loved the first one. I had a midwife and a doula for the birth of my son which ended in Csection but with a beautifully healthy baby. I am due with baby #2 in Feb. I am hoping for a Vbac this time around.
    Great review! Thanks!

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