The Reasons Pregnant Women Cry

Turns out those amazing hormones that magically make you a vessel for new life can also make your emotions go completely batshit. Rachel sent me this video that her husband took of her the other night. (I’m sure many of you can relate to the very real emotions she was feeling.)

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  • I recently found out that I’m pregnant with my first. Which means that I’ve been obsessively researching things I can and cannot have. Upon my discovery that deli meats were a solid “no,” I walked into Subway hopeful on a tuna sandwich. Upon placing my order I was informed that they were out of tuna AND the bread I wanted. My eyes welled up, the poor woman tried to suggest something else and I sobbed as I told her that I was pregnant and pretty much the only thing I could eat there was the tuna or veggie. I then sobbed my way to the next nearest Subway…when the woman at the second Subway informed me that she did in fact have everything to make the sandwich I was craving, I again cried…and she clapped after I told her what was happening and why I was crying lmao.

    • Similar Subway experience when I first found out I was pregnant (now 29 weeks). Cried hysterically because my sandwich didnt taste as good as my husband’s…And that he was better at choosing food than me… 30 minutes of this. lol

  • I cried while singing The First Noel at church. I just imagined baby Jesus in the manger with the 3 kings kneeling before him and began sobbing. Also cried telling my husband about it an hour later.

  • I cried because I was feeling emotions in general. No, like really I was crying because I had extra emotions I didn’t normally have and I didn’t like it so I cried. Cried so hard and bad my mom came running out the shower naked and terrified to hold me. Then I was crying more because at age 25 and 3 months pregnant my mother’s wet, bare, double d boobs were against the side of my head as snot and tears ran down my face. It was a memorable experience for sure.

  • I just watched “what to expect when you’re expecting” the other day – I cried so hard through the whole movie, I had to watch the movie again because I missed the whole thing.

  • My husband wrecked his car when I was about 3 months pregnant. Insurance company totaled the car. The day we went to the shop to clean the car out, I started sobbing as we drove away, because we were leaving our car behind, and it would be all alone and unloved in the shop yard. Then I started laughing because I realized how silly that was, which made me cry more. I have never seen my husband look so frightened.

  • The other day I cried because I poured too much cereal into my bowl for breakfast. I am pretty sure my husband thinks I have lost my mind.

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