60 Cool Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

“Cool!” I thought, “I should look up some examples!”

Yeah, that’s a damn rabbit hole. There are some incredibly talented people out there.

I tried to group them in categories but then I got tired by the end and just have a bit of a catch-all at the bottom. If you click on each image you can see a larger version along with the source (there are a couple of shots where I couldn’t find the original source, so give me a shout if you know where it came from!)

Check ‘em out!


The majority of pet snaps are of dogs – labs seem to be the most willing to have a sign hung on them – but I found this awesome cat shot too. Pets are just magical because they have no idea what’s going on.

Little Things

Look average sized shit then, BOOM, a little thing! I’m a sucker for these. I make that annoying squeaking noise when I see little socks. Sorry, it’s just a primal reaction.

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