Great Gifts for a New Dad (or Dad-To-Be)

Whether you're shopping for a new dad – or guy that's about to become one – there are tons of cool gifts out there.

If you’re looking for some great gifts for a new or soon-to-be dad, here are our 2016 picks!

The Man Behind the Bump t-shirt. I saw a picture of a guy that wore this shirt to the hospital when his wife gave birth and it just cracked me up. $19


There’s nothing I love more than a good field guide. Not only is this Be Prepared book a fun take on getting ready for parenthood, it actually gets really good reviews for being a great resource. $10

The gals at Cool Mom Tech alerted us to the existence of this Washable Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for a dad who like to rock out but doesn’t particularly enjoy the remnants of baby’s sticky hands all over his electronics. It’s pricey at $300 but we get a ton of use out of our bluetooth speaker with camping, picnics, hanging outside and even just cleaning out the garage with some tunes.


An excited Dad-to-be would love this countdown printable. (Also great for the dad-to-be like my husband who could not for the life of him remember how many weeks we had to go.) $7


Love this Player One and Player Two combo for the gamer in your life. $35

Even though this is called the Daddy Bag, I think everyone would love this awesome diaper bag back pack. It features multiple pockets for total organization, and even has a cushioned changing pad that can be pulled out on the go. $60


I can’t even handle how adorable these Big dipper/Little dipper shirts are. The little dipper comes in sizes as small as 3-6 months. $48


Does the dad in your life deserve/need a personal assistant? Alexa to the rescue! This thing dims the lights, orders pizza, provides news updates, all just by responding to your voice! Perfect for the dad who is changing a diaper and wants the score of the game. $180


How about giving dad his very own library of books that are sure to become night time favourites?


I love seeing dads baby wearing. Keeping comfort and street cred in mind, a LILLEBaby Carrier is a great product that tends to work well for both mom and dad. Just be sure to use it properly unlike my beloved Ryan Reynolds above – hey, it could happen to the best of us. I still love you, Deadpool. $140


Dad’s Playbook This gift book for dad collects more than 100 inspiring quotes from the greatest coaches of all time. I doubt that “go ask your mother” is in there. $9


Create a photoshoot with letters or a simple sign. I found this one on Baby Center


Love this Big and Little set – at least I think that’s what it says. Si? $35


Nothing rocks like being pushed on a swing by your dad but if there are no baby swings (or they are being hogged by other kids) you are often out of luck. SwingEase converts any regular swing into a baby swing so you can get the awesome underdogs without the face-plants. $30


If your kiddo is into playing with cars get Dad one of these shirts and get baby to work on that back massage! $40


I love this for a Dad who likes to crack open a cold one after a particularly grueling kid bedtime routine. It’s funny because it’s true, man. $23


Or, for the tea drinking Dad, there’s this reusable testicle teabag. Not much else to say about that one. $11

Happy Father’s Day, you nut! ; )

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  • Oh my gosh, we have that Jimmy Fallon DADA book and we HATE it so much! There’s no story to it and it reads awkwardly. Our daughter does love the pictures, but we hate reading it to her! LOL!

    But I LOVE those Big Dipper/Little Dipper shirts. And my husband would love that testicles tea bag! Thanks!

  • I just bought a Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 shirt and onesie set for my hubby’s first father’s day! I’m a gamer, too, so I wasn’t about to get left out 😉

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