Best Baby Gifts for the Holidays

Many sites put together “Must have” holiday lists for babies. Let’s get something straight, other than food, shelter and love, babies need diddly-squat. That said, this may be the first time people can buy something for them and they are understandably excited. So in an effort to avoid battery operated drum sets and buckets of glitter, I pulled together a list of great things that I thought would make a great gift for almost any weeble.

Baby Gifts

I tried to pick things that had lasting appeal and could be enjoyed by your baby now, and down the road:


giftsGot some babies to shop for this December? Lots of great baby girl or baby boy holiday gift ideas here!

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  • My son really likes the book "Don’t push the button!" By Bill Cotter (He’s 10 months old). It’s a really fun board book that has you "push" a button and shake the book to help out the main character of the book. He likes that we get really animated when we read it and he loves to be able to shake the book. I would add it to the list of books to give for Christmas or any other holiday/birthday.

  • One of my favorite kids books ever is "Good Dog Carl" by Alexandra Day. I also love "Wiggle Like and Octopus" by Harriet Ziefert and Simms Taback. One more I would add is "Poke a Dot – Who’s in The Ocean?" by innovative kids.

  • I love giving and receiving books for gifts. I have recently come across the "indestrucitbles" series of books. They are awesome! Babies can chew on them, crinkle them, spit up on them, and they can be thrown in the washing machine. Also, I love the pictures in them, and the prices are cheaper than most board books.

  • I LOVE that butterfly photo album! I live 12 hours from my nieces so this would be perfect for my 18 month old Goddaughter and her future sis/bro! I could be nice and fill it with pictures of all the family, but I love the idea of pictures of my hubby and me hogging the album as sort of a joke! lol. I have way too much time on my hands.

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